How to view Instagram in chronological order

After years of complaints from frustrated users, Instagram has finally brought back the ability to view your Instagram feed in chronological order. Here’s how to do it.

Instagram’s habit of showing users pretty much everything but the accounts they follow has been a point of contention for its users since the app first replaced chronological posts with an algorithm-based feed in 2016.

In fact, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently stated that over time, Instagram will add more recommendations to your feed based on your interests.

Luckily, in the same blog post, Mosseri also introduced two alternative ways to organize your feed chronologically: Favorites and Followed.

Following shows posts from the accounts you follow in the order they were posted, so you can get the latest photos and videos first.

Favorites, on the other hand, compile the latest content from accounts that you’ve added to your favorites list. This can be your friends, your family or your favorite stars and influencers.

Both options allow you to abandon the algorithm-based feed and view posts in chronological order. Read on to learn how to enable them

What you will need:

The short version

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Tap on the Instagram logo
  3. Click Follow

How to view Instagram in chronological order

  1. Step

    Open the Instagram app

    These screenshots are from the iOS app, but the steps work on Android phones too. How to view Instagram in chronological order

  2. Step

    Tap on the Instagram logo

    You can find this in the top left corner of your home page feed. How to view Instagram in chronological order

  3. Step

    Click “Following” to view your feed in chronological order

    You can also select “Favorites” to only show posts from your favorite accounts in chronological order. How to view Instagram in chronological order


How does the favorites feed work?

The Favorites view is essentially a stripped-down version of the “Following” feed, showing only the accounts you’ve added to your favorites list.

This makes it easier to catch up on the content you find most important, like posts from your best friends and favorite stars, in chronological order without having to scroll through posts from every account you follow.

You can add up to 50 accounts to your Favorites list by tapping the Follow button on each page and selecting Add to Favorites.

Can you permanently set your feed in chronological order?

no Annoyingly, Instagram requires you to follow these steps every time you open the app if you want to view your feed chronologically.

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