How To Watch ‘Cyberpunk Edgerunners’ Episodes Early Today, Pre-Netflix Release

Even Cyberpunk 2077 skeptics have to admit that Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Trigger’s new Netflix anime, looks pretty awesome. It officially debuts tomorrow, but you can actually watch it a day early in just a few hours.

As? CDPR himself will be streaming the first three episodes of the anime today from 1pm ET on his own Twitch channel here.

Not only does it encourage co-streaming if you are a streamer yourself, but it also offers assets like overlays if you go to this page here and scroll down. Music, wallpapers and more from the show are also included.

There will be ten episodes in Season 1 of Edgerunners, and if it’s a hit, more seasons are likely to follow. Netflix has done a good job with other video game animes like Castlevania, and that’s what fans hope to see here, and Trigger has a long history of producing great series. The clips and trailers shown so far have all been excellent.

While the events of the show don’t directly overlap with the game, and you don’t need to have played the game to see the anime, CDPR has made some minor overlaps by having a new Edgerunners patch that went live in Cyberpunk this week is 2077 itself, where you have a text conversation with one of the characters and get a few items from the show. CDPR also says that if you watch the anime you should be able to figure out where new hidden weapons are throughout the Night City map in the game itself based on where they appear in the show.

While the show doesn’t feature game characters in the trailers, will have some game characters, though probably not V and Johnny himself. Arasaka is a key character on the show and we need to figure out exactly how everything is connected today and tomorrow.

I can just wait and watch everything at once on Netflix tomorrow as I don’t know if I can tune in at exactly 1pm ET today to catch the first few episodes live. But if you can, it’s a way of giving the series a head start, and if you want to co-stream the episodes with your live reaction for your viewers, I think CDPR is trying to get people to help market series. I think they have great confidence that people will like it.

I’ll probably have full thoughts on the series on Wednesday or Thursday when I’m able to see everything. I wonder if it will manage to climb Netflix’s top 10 list for any length of time, or if cyberpunk anime will remain a relatively niche interest.

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