How to Watch Elon Musk Reveal His Robot at Tesla AI Day

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A little over a year has passed since then Elon Musk A person in a spandex suit trotted onto the stage and called them a prototype robot. Now he’s teasing that we’ll actually see one of his many, many promises at today’s Tesla AI Day. Or at least he says we’ll see enough of the robot for him recruit talent that can actually translate his big brain goals into physical reality.

Regardless, the event will either be filled with excitement or Schadenfreude, depending on inclination. So how do you actually tune in? to?

How to watch Tesla AI Day

Although most of our information about Tesla AI Day comes from guerrilla marketing on Musk’s Twitter, the CEO of Tesla and Boring Company clearly wants us to think of it as an industry event rather than a promotion. With that in mind, Tesla was shy, as you can see from afar. Just this morning, the company finally posted a stream on YouTube, scheduled to begin around 6:15 PT/9:15 ET.

A ticket to the in-person event posted on Twitter and discovered by Digital Trendssays Doors open in Palo Alto at 5:00 PM PT and stay open until 11:00 PM PT. We doubt the stream will last that long, but don’t be surprised if it hits the three-hour mark.

What to expect from Tesla AI Day?

Images for the event all focused on the Tesla bot’s hands, with the Tesla Twitter account even posting a GIF of the robot, codenamed Optimus, forming its individual fingers into a heart shape.

With that in mind, we’ll likely learn more about the company’s intentions for the robot, and maybe even see a prototype. Like, a real one this time.

Since Musk is already assuring that AI Day is primarily a recruitment event, we might as well only see renders and specs. That’s the thing about guerrilla marketing, especially from a man who trotted out a modern-day mechanical Turk at last year’s AI Day 1950s drive-in cinema plans with charging station in 2018. It’s hard to get hard dates until, and sometimes even a little after, it’s staring you in the face.

However, Musk also made some pretty ones outlandish claims just yesterday that the company’s forthcoming cybertruck “is waterproof enough to serve as a boat for a short period of time.” Yes, even in “seas”. We’ve seen its cybertruck promises fall through before, notably when the truck’s supposedly near-bulletproof windows were shattered livelevel when confronted with a few lightly thrown steel balls. However, given the timing of the tweets, it’s possible we’ll see another attempt at a demo tonight. Place the Cybertruck in a diving tank, Elon.

Along with Optimus and Cybertruck, Musk also posted last week that its self-driving AI team (which is also working on Optimus) has “end of the month” deadlines for “(actually intelligent) summoning/car parking,” so people are also expecting the event to go into self-driving tech also. Tesla’s autopilot function has fallen below federal investigation.

We’ll be following the event tonight, so be sure to check back on Gizmodo later tonight to see if the Tesla bot is more than just a costume this time. According to Musk, the bot is designed to “eliminate dangerous, boring, and repetitive tasks,” so maybe one day it’ll be able to watch those streams for us.

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