How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 6 for free in the UK – catch-up on the series now

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 6: Watch the Game of Thrones spin-off for free in the UK and catch up on all the episodes so far.

House of the Dragon is finally getting a little more like our old pal Game of Thrones. There was a bit of trouble at a wedding, some good old fashioned beatings to death from rivals and that old specialty; a touch of incest. That is the ghost!

If you haven’t seen the first five episodes, be warned, some spoilers follow…

Set 200 years before the events depicted in Game of Thrones, this Targaryen family drama is all about the succession to the throne of King Viserys (Paddy Considine), and after Episode 5, that succession discussion sure seems to be heating up.

Just take a look; At the end of the fourth episode, Viserys’ current heir Rhaenyra (previously Emma D’Arcy) was married off to her fiancé, son of the powerful Lord Corlys Velaryon, a move intended to strengthen Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne and help build the realm to keep in peace. However, her secret lover, Ser Criston Cole, caused a stir at the wedding by casually killing her new husband’s dentures.

Watching the wedding was the outrageous scoundrel of one of the king’s brothers, Daemon (Matt Smith). He’s had his eye on the Iron Throne for a long time (and the pretty face of his niece, the old pervert). The king’s later wife, Queen Allison Hightower, fears for the safety of her children, who are also being put up as potential heirs by outside powers. It’s all a bit missy, and it looks like it’s about to get even messier.

So on to Episode 6, where there will be a decade-long time warp and the King’s new children will come of age. It seems that while we were away, Rhaenyra may have been quite busy in that department as well. Read on for how to watch House of the Dragon Episode 6 on the best TV you have in the house.

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 6

House of the Dragon is made by HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic, as usual, has dibs in the UK. That means you’ll need a Sky subscription to tune in. For example, if you already subscribe to Sky Q or Sky Glass, you can receive Sky Atlantic on channel 108.

Thanks to Sky’s NOW streaming service, you can also sign up to watch the first five episodes without a long commitment. Sky Atlantic is part of the Now Entertainment membership, which costs just £9.99 a month. New subscribers get a no-obligation 7-day trial and you can sign up here now.

The good news for Brits is that they don’t have to risk spoilers as Episode 6 will also be televised in the UK at the same time as it airs in the US. That is 2am UK time on Monday 26th September.

Just like the good old days of Game of Thrones! Episodes 1-5 are currently available on demand on Sky or Now platforms. In addition to the simulcast, you can also watch Monday evenings at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Here is the official trailer for Episode 6 of House of the Dragon. It’s safe to say things have evolved… significantly.

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