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Finally, after three years of delays caused by global pandemics, the IRONMAN World Championship is back in Kailua-Kona on the big island of Hawaii.

Not only that, the race is held twice, on day one – with the Pro women – takes place two days before the traditional “second Saturday in October”.

The age group events are also split between Thursday and Saturday, and to keep things clean and simple we’ve also split our How to Watch guide into two parts.

Here’s everything you need for day one, Thursday October 6, 2022. All details and coverage for the second day can be found separately.

Date, start times & live stream

For the first time in Hawaii, the pro races will be held over two days. The subject of this function, the Pro Women, will be racing on Thursday 6th October 2022.

The pro women start at 06:25 local time. This corresponds to 1725 UK, 1825 CET, 0925 Pacific and 1225 Eastern.

The race will be streamed live on Facebook Watch on the IRONMAN Now channel, as well as IRONMAN Now on YouTube and Twitch.

There will be additional pre-race coverage (the Bodymarking Show) leading up to the race with interviews and behind-the-scenes content starting around 04:30 local time. IRONMAN commentary will be moderated by Michael Lovato and Dede Griesbauer, while Greg Welch, Matt Lieto and Mirinda Carfrae will complement the track coverage.

Perhaps more than ever, the IRONMAN Tracker app on your phone / mobile device is your essential companion, in addition to broadcasting on TV, to stay up to date with all the action on the track.

race favourites

The reigning IRONMAN World Champion – winner of the postponed 2021 event, which took place in St George in May 2022 – is Swiss angry bird, Daniela Rif. She is also a four-time winner in Hawaii and has five IRONMAN world titles to add to her five 70.3 world titles.

The defending champion “Kona” from 2019 is Germany Anne Haug returning, as does the woman who beat her to the title three years ago, Britain’s IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, Lucy Charles Barclay.

KAILUA KONA, HI - OCTOBER 13: Lucy Charles of Great Britain (Second), Daniela Ryf of Switzerland (First) and Anne Haug of Germany (Third) celebrate following the IRONMAN World Championships hosted by Amazon on October 13, 2018 in Kailua presents Kona, Hawaii.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for IRONMAN)
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for IRONMAN

This trio, together with Germany Laura Philip and silver medalists from St. George, Kat Matthews, were the quintet of athletes we believed would emerge as the champion of 2022. Check out our in-depth thoughts on this review.

[UPDATE – Unfortunately Kat Matthews suffered a pre-race collision with a car on a training ride in Texas].

IRONMAN World Championship 2019 / Kona 2019
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for IRONMAN

Full schedule for Thursday October 6, 2022

While the top pro athletes will grab the lion’s share of the headlines, of course, the IRONMAN World Championship is about much more than that.

Since the IRONMAN World Championship has not been held in Kona since 2019, many athletes who will be racing this year qualified during this period. In many cases, this is the culmination of years of effort and may be the first and last time they experience the big island of Hawaii.

With more athletes overall in the race, the age group events also take place over two days. Here is the schedule for Thursday’s event, which includes all female amateurs plus a subset of the male categories.

Schedule for the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship on Thursday

prize money

Just like the postponed 2021 IRONMAN World Championship, which will be held in St. George, Utah in May, the total purse in Kona is $750,000.

Race winners will each receive $125,000, with the total prize pool paid up to 15th place, distributed as follows:

1st – $125,000
2nd – $65,000
3rd – $45,000
4th – $25,000
5th – $20,000
6th – $18,000
7th – $15,000
8th – $13,000
9th – $12,000
10th – $11,000
11th – $8,000
12th – $6,000
13th – $5,000
14th – $4,000
15th – $3,000

Of course, thanks to the formation of the Professional Triathletes Organization, monetary rewards for performance will not depend solely on daily accomplishments.

As we approach the last quarter of the season these positions are really starting to solidify and as a result the opportunities for advancement are diminishing. Expect some significant climbers to be reflected in the leaderboard once the numbers are cracked post-Kona.

A total of $2 million will be awarded in the PTO World Rankings at the end of 2022 based on the final standings in these point tables. The rewards there can be substantial, with moving up or down the ranking system potentially earning you more than each individual event.

Race For The Rankings 2021 PTO Prize Purse

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