How to Watch the End Credits on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu

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Whether you want to acknowledge the “below the line” contributions from the many entertainment industry professionals who have been working on your favorite streaming movies and TV shows, or just want time for a snack before the next episode airs , it’s a good idea to turn on the View Balance option on your streaming service.

Netflix, Hulu and Co. Al. Don’t necessarily make this too easy — it should be opt-in, not opt-out — but here’s a guide to watching the credits on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+.

How to watch the end credits on Netflix

How to use the Netflix website to change the “Autoplay” setting for your account.

  • Navigate to yours Netflix account page.
  • Click on the profile with the setting you want to change.
  • Next to Playback Settings, click Change.
  • From here you can turn off “Autoplay next episode” and also “Autoplay preview”. This should roll over to all devices using this account.

You can also change this setting from your mobile device.

  • Start the app.
  • Click on the account icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Manage Profiles”.
  • Select the profile you want to change.
  • Disable “Autoplay next episode” and “Autoplay preview” (if you want.

How to watch the credits on Amazon Prime Video

If there’s a way to change the autoplay settings in the Prime Video app I can’t find it so you’ll need to log into the site to do that.

  • Navigate to Home of Prime Video.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right of the page.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Player”
  • Turn off autoplay. (And also “Autoplay Trailers” if you want.)

How to watch the end credits on HBO Max

HBO Max gives you the option to watch the credits “in the moment” as well as a permanent setting. Watch to the end of a single episode by default:

  • AppleTV: Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote.
  • Other TVs: Press the back button on your remote control.
  • Phones, tablets and computers: Select the X next to the Next Episode button.

To permanently disable the HBO Max skip-to-the-next-episode countdown:

  • Sign in to the HBO Max home page
  • Select your profile in the top right of the screen.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Playback” and turn off “Automatically play the next episode on this device”.

How to watch the end credits on Hulu

Hulu makes it relatively easy to control the auto-play feature either through the web or its streaming app.

From your streaming or mobile device:

  • Start Hulu
  • Select the account icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Turn autoplay on/off

From the website

  • Sign in to
  • During playback, click the gear icon to open the settings menu
  • Turn autoplay on/off

How to watch the end credits on Disney+

Disney+ lets you change the auto-play setting on your devices, but it’s in a slightly strange place. This is how it works:

  • Navigate to the Disney+ home page
  • Click the profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on “Edit profiles”
  • Choose a profile
  • From here, you can click the Autoplay button to disable the feature. As an added bonus, you can also turn off “Background Play”.

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