Imagine Aim Is Grand Design’s Latest Outdoor-Optimized Travel Trailer: Starts Around $32K

That’s right folks; The Imagine Aim is officially the lightest and most affordable motorhome from Grand Design RV. If the Grand Design RV name sounds familiar, it’s probably because we’ve covered this crew before. Considering this crew has been in the game since 2012 and has successfully competed against the likes of Airstream, Forest River, and Winnebago, there must be something they’re doing right. Well, one thing that comes across as “done correctly” is the goal, and we’ll examine exactly what I mean.

Now I’ve presented the Aim as the lightest and most affordable caravan from this manufacturer, and with a starting price of $32,282 (€30,600 at current exchange rates), that’s right. A dry weight of under 1633 kg (3,600 lbs) covers the lightweight aspect. But I know what you’re thinking: there are cheaper campers out there, so why bother with this one? Because we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Ok, so let me catch up with you; What matters about the Aim is the way it’s built. Something we’re seeing from more and more manufacturers these days is helping people extend their off-grid and mobile travel season. Grand Design RV is on that move, preparing the Aim to handle sub-zero temperatures and scorching weather. According to the information displayed on the manufacturer’s website, this pup is tested at temperatures between 15°F (-9°C) and 100°F (38°C). That means you can visit the Arizona deserts in the summer and even the Rocky Mountains in the early winter.

Imagine Aim Interior

Photo: Grand Design Motorhome

All of this is made possible by the way Grand Design builds each aim. Sure, an aluminum frame is used to create the main form of the RV, but it’s the layers of fiberglass insulation, plywood and composites that give this pup its R ratings. The walls are only rated to R-7, but the bottom of this beast has an R-30 rating. Would you like more comfort? The roof and front cap are insulated to an R-40 standard. That means nothing more than the freedom to explore longer and travel farther. That alone is worth every dollar in my book. But there’s more to this range than just the ability to handle heat and cold.

There are only four floor plans to choose from. Three sleep four sleepy guests, while the last is only good for three. They also vary in size from 19.9 ft (6.1 m) to 21.9 ft (6.7 m). What’s really amazing is how everything is spread out. The interiors offer everything you could ever need while roaming the world without feeling cramped.

For example, the smallest available floor plan, the 15BH, sleeps four guests as it includes a double bed on which a single bunk is added. The fourth person will use the modular dinette for a night’s sleep. A U-shaped galley occupies the front of the motorhome, and at the back near the bedroom, the bathroom is tucked into the corner. But it’s not a wet bath; separate functions all the way. There’s even a skylight so you can see the outside world while getting ready for the day ahead.

Imagine Aim Galley

Photo: Grand Design Motorhome

At the other end of the size spectrum we find the 18BH layout. This one is a little different than what I’m used to in an RV, all because of a queen-size Murphy bed and bar-like dinette. Because of this bedding style, daily activities will unfold in the largest possible space, and the bar-dining area, located under a huge window, will surely help you blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor worlds. Two other guests will fight for the top bunk. To maximize space even further, the galley is built on a slide-out.

The final strength of this lineup is their propensity for an outdoor life. Sure, the interior is beautiful and dynamic, but so is the exterior. For the Aim, Grand Design included countless storage compartments for things like gear, tools and even groceries, and two of the four models even feature a hatch. The presence of a pull-out griddle, perfect for a leisurely breakfast, draws us even more into the great outdoors. Awnings should provide shade during activities. If things get messy during the day, just hook up a showerhead or hose to the available port and clean up before heading inside.

If you are like me then this type of caravan is already much more than you need. However, if you’re going to get yourself a mobile living space, why not make it a solid one? A lightweight design, the ability to cope with a wide range of weather conditions, and does it for less than industry standards would dictate are all reasons why the Imagine Aim should be on your list of significant mobile living habitats.


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