In Call of Duty’s latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

There’s a prevailing narrative among Call of Duty fans that the standard 6v6 Call of Duty doesn’t get as much attention (opens in new tab) by Activision as its free-to-play battle royale cousin Warzone 2. While Warzone players will enjoy map updates, franchise crossover modes, and frequent balancing changes, those playing Call of Duty the old-fashioned way will be content (and pay $70 for it). for occasional new map, weapon, and playlist updates.

For once, it’s the traditional 6v6 Call of Duty that gets more love on Patchday. Modern Warfare 2 season 2 reloaded patch (opens in new tab)Out today, includes a new “Core” multiplayer map, the next installment of MW2’s co-op raid, a new M4-based DMR, and the second drop of party modes to brighten the mood after a night of ranked games .


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