Injustice 2: How to Block

injustice 2 and its predecessor are among the most accessible fighting games in the genre. The games are a brutal dream for DC Comics fans and those who love the idea of ​​pitting The Flash against Wonder Woman or Superman against Batman. As a game developed by the same studio that created this Mortal Kombat Series, injustice 2 is perfect for players who are put off by more complex fighters street fighter and Guilty gear.

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injustice 2 is just as good in single player as it is in multiplayer. The story campaign is one of the best in the genre and the perfect way to get acquainted with the cast of superheroes and supervillains. As accessible as injustice 2 is, it’s just as technical with a lot of mechanics to learn in order to be able to fight defensively and offensively. Knowing how and when to block is the first step to becoming an effective defensive fighter.

How to block injustice 2

imprison injustice 2 works similar to that Tekken Series in which the characters retreat from their opponent to initiate them. So Pulling the L Stick away from your opponent activates the block mechanic injustice 2. It’s a simple feature that makes it easy for most players to learn and enjoy.

However, Blocking high will expose your fighter to low attacks. To counteract this, players should push down and diagonally down away from the opponent to block their bottom attacks. This means that it exposes its hunter to high attacks or attacks from the air. Attacks in the middle are blocked with both high and low stance.

Learning when to block at injustice 2

There’s no better way to learn how and when to block than to practice. injustice 2 is no different from other fighters in this regard. By learning a superhero’s and supervillain’s attack, their tells, and combo chains, players will better know when to block and counter a move with an attack or super move of their own. If you release the block too soon, a combo’s attacks will land and hit the defending player.

Unblockable attacks

As in many other fighting games of the genre, there are unblockable attacks injustice 2. While Super moves in injustice 2 are blockable, thrown objects in the arena are not and must be avoided with a jump. Grab moves cannot be blocked by traditional means, but can be broken if players simultaneously activate the Grab Attack by pressing the Square and X buttons on PlayStation or A and X on Xbox.

injustice 2 is now available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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