Interesting Fan Theory Showcases Weird Sporting Connection Between Lionel Messi’s Argentina and LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers

Lionel Messi has had a brilliant football career. The forward is considered one of the greatest football players of all time and has won numerous titles and awards throughout his career. Despite all his accolades, the 2022 FIFA World Cup remains one of the greatest highlights of his career.

The Argentina captain has finally ended his World Cup curse and brought the prestigious trophy back to his home country. The last time they won the gold trophy was in 1986. Shortly after Argentina won the trophy that year, the LA Lakers also clinched a major NBA title in 1987. However, these two historical events somehow led to the emergence of an overwhelming theory that terrified the whole world.

Netizen decodes the crazy connection between Argentina and the Los Angeles Lakers


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Recently, a fan predicted that the LA Lakers could win the 2023 NBA Finals. This may seem unbelievable at first, but we encourage you to listen to the man. His theory is that the Lakers won the NBA Finals when Diego Maradona-led Argentina won the 1986 World Championship.

And now the fan assumes that since Messi-led Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, there’s a fair chance the LeBron James-led Lakers will win it. His theory might sound like nonsense at first, but the guy is actually right with some solid facts. It seems the fan did his homework right as his theory might be right.

While Argentina made their contribution, the ball is now in the hands of the Lakers, who must do whatever it takes to win the final. James’ team recently defeated the Golden State Warriors and is in the finals of the NBA Western Conference. You will try to advance further and get your hands on the final trophy.

The theory could also bring a smile to the faces of Lakers fans. Anyhow, if they eventually manage to win the whole James Messi will have to thank one way or another, just as he highlighted similarities with the Argentine back in 2014.

Messi is LeBron James’ “player type”.

In 2014, Messi had yet to win a World Cup. This year the player still tried to win the world championship. La Albiceleste met Switzerland in the round of 16. It was quite an exciting game as neither team was able to score in the 90 minutes leading to the game going into overtime.


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However, things turned in Argentina’s favor when Messi played a nice pass for teammate Angel di Maria in the 118th minute. Di Maria made no mistake as he slammed the ball back into the net to give his home country the decisive win. After the win, LeBron James tweeted about the goal, saying: “I heard Messi made the game-winning pass! That’s my way of playing. Win, lose, draw – you make the right play to help your team succeed.”

In fact, it was the right move, as it propelled Argentina to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, the last phase of the competition didn’t go well for Messi as they suffered a weak defeat against Germany in the final. But after eight long years of patience, the trophy returned to the 35-year-old’s homeland.


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How do you rate Argentina’s trip to the World Cup? Also let us know what you think about the Lakers Argentina fan theory.

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