It’s not the latest one, but this iPad is a steal at $79 off

The iPad 10.2 on a table.

If you want a great tablet, you can’t go wrong with the iPad, and while the 2021 model is showing its age a bit at this point, it’s still relatively powerful compared to tablets from other companies. Since it’s a bit dated, it also has a great deal from Amazon, which drops it from $329 to $250, a nice $79 discount, and well worth grabbing if you’re interested.

Why you should buy the 10.2-inch Apple iPad (2021).

The 2021 Apple iPad was an incremental upgrade from the 2020 model and is a great entry point if you are first entering the Apple ecosystem. For starters it’s running the A13 Bionic chip which, despite being two generations older than the A15, is still a powerful little processor package and can handle most things you throw at it. It also has more than enough RAM for everyday use, so you don’t have to constantly manage apps or the number of browser windows open. While this offering is only available as a Wi-Fi version, you can purchase a cellular version if you prefer that route, and similarly, we recommend that you purchase the 256GB version rather than the 64GB version, either way Because, you are planning to snag one of these external hard drive deals.

You also get a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display that Apple is famous for and signature features like Touch ID. What makes the 2021 iPad a great buyer, however, is the newer and more efficient battery, which should give you a few extra hours than previous models. Otherwise, the 2021 model is the same as the previous one, with the same great features and accessories that work for the 2021, 2020 and 2019 models, making this a great upgrade if you’re coming from the earlier models.

Overall, the Apple iPad 2021 isn’t going to wow anyone, especially with the new A15 and M1 chips we’re seeing in the newer iPads. That said, it’s still a powerful tablet and, more importantly, it’s at a great price, especially with this deal from Amazon bringing it down to $250, so it’s worth grabbing. On the other hand, if you want something more modern, check out these iPad deals for deals on the latest gear!

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