Jabra’s Latest Speakerphones From Are Ideal For Hybrid Workers

Danish audio company Jabra produces a range of headsets, earphones and speakerphones for the business world, particularly hybrid workers. Today the brand is introducing three new models to its Speak2 range of hands-free phones. The new products are the latest addition to the company’s Speak range of professional speakerphones, including the Speak2 75, Speak2 55 and Speak2 40.

The use of speakerphones has boomed in recent years with the advent of hybrid working. According to Jabra’s Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report, published in 2022, 80% of all meetings are fully remote or hybrid. This new way of working has prompted Jabra to develop its Speak2 range of smart speakerphones to handle hybrid working, whether conference meetings, direct calls, streaming media, presentations or just listening to music while working.

To date, around nine million speakerphones have been sold worldwide and Jabra has established a dominant position in the speakerphone market. The company now claims that its Speak2 range offers higher quality audio that’s both mobile and future-proof, reproducing sound where all voices can be heard no matter where they’re coming from.

To ensure everyone in a meeting feels heard and listened to, Jabra’s new models can offer full-duplex audio, allowing users to enjoy a more natural two-way dialogue, allowing each person to speak without stilted flow in the conversation .

With the Speak2 75, Speak2 55 and Speak2 40, there is no longer a need for people to raise their voices in a meeting because of bad microphones. All speakers in the new range feature Voice Level Normalization technology and beamforming microphones specifically tuned to eliminate background noise while focusing on voices.

According to Jabra, the models in the Speak2 range are portable and have a contemporary design made from quality materials, including 100% sustainable fabric used for the speaker grille. In call mode, the user interface has a light ring that illuminates a row of touch-sensitive buttons with icons for all functions.

In a press release announcing the new models According to Jabra, the flagship Speak2 75 model is “like a boardroom in your pocket”. It’s the only speakerphone in the range with a specially designed microphone quality indicator and a 360-degree light ring that shows users how well the microphones are picking up their voice. This feature gives users the assurance that they will be heard clearly by the person on the other end of the line. The Speak2 75 features a 65mm full-range speaker for more powerful sound.

All speakerphones in the Jabra Speak2 range are plug-and-play, allowing users to focus on their meetings. The entry-level Speak2 40 uses a wired USB connection, while the Speak2 75 or Speak2 55 models can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Every Speak2 product is designed to work with every leading virtual meeting platform, allowing users to call and join meetings from anywhere, even on the beach, thanks to an IP64 rating for dust and water resistance.

Each model features four beamforming and noise-cancelling microphones with background noise reduction technology. All speakerphones feature full-duplex audio and voice level normalization technology. In addition, the flagship Speak2 75 boasts super wideband audio thanks to its 65mm full-range speaker and up to 32 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Prices & Availability: The Jabra Speak2 range of hands-free phones will be available from late March 2023. Suggested prices are: Speak2 75 – $369 / £297 / €339; Speak2 55 – $189 / £144 / €169; Speak2 40 – $169 / £127 / €149.

More info: www.jabra.co.uk/speak2

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