James Gunn Battles MCU and DCU Fans over Disinformation as Ryan Reynolds Is Beaten at His Own Game by a DC Icon

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Today it’s all about crossovers, like that Wonder and DC universes have collided in a few unexpected ways behind the scenes. First, James Gunn has to be a one man army while destroying disinformation about his upcoming projects for both the MCU and DCU. Elsewhere, Ryan Reynolds is no longer the number one superhero actor who loves to troll people on Twitter, having had his crown stolen from him by a surprise DC star who’s no stranger to donning a tiara on his head carry …

James Gunn is valiantly fighting Marvel and DC fans to combat disinformation about his two upcoming superhero movies

James Gunn Superman
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The great thing about Gunn being so extreme online is that he’s on hand to dispel any disinformation that’s creeping around about his Marvel/DC projects (well, unless he’s responsible for spreading it about himself to spread themselves). Case in point: the filmmaker has proven himself a heroic fighter by fighting untruths Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 And Superman: Legacy simultaneously. While claims are curtailed GotG3 opens overseas before the US and shoos stories from legacy With casting announcements imminent, Gunn has been firing on all guns lately.

Troll becomes troll as a DC legend continues his one-woman campaign against Ryan Reynolds

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It’s often hard to tell where Ryan Reynolds ends and Wade Wilson begins, largely due to the Canadian actor’s trolling Twitter presence, which is usually addressed dead pool 3 co-star Hugh Jackman. Another contender has slowly risen to beat the guy at his own game, and now they may have officially won with their latest scathing retaliation. Yes, it’s the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, who really roasted Ryan Reynolds in response to his lucrative T-Mobile sale. We have no idea how or where Carter’s Beef started with Reynolds, but we love it.

Avengers: Secret Wars The theory predicts a Sony crossover using plot points derived from diseasebut wait, it’s actually good

Jared Leto as Morbius/Anthony Mackie as Captain America
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We know how it sounds, but bear with us. Avengers: Secret Wars It’s expected to borrow from all manner of non-Marvel Studios Marvel films for the biggest multiversal crossover we’ve ever seen, but one ambitious theory predicts it avenger 6 will also go so far as to pair the MCU with Sony’s Spider-Man universe forever (pretty much Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t make it). The key, it is speculated, will be the multiverse’s spider totems, a concept that was first picked up disease Director Daniel Espinosa. As long as Morbius himself doesn’t show up, we’re all fine.

James Gunn is confident no amount of spoilers can ruin it guard 3and we’re also confident that it’s not a spoiler to say that more news from the Marvel machine will be forthcoming.


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