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Lainey Harding is a 12-year-old sixth-grade student at École George-McDowell.

“The school is going very well,” she says. My favorite courses are art and physical education. I enjoy the relaxed and quiet atmosphere and I am learning to draw.”

Simply put, Lainey loves sports.

“I play club volleyball for the Dakota Diggers, I play soccer for Bonivital, and I play hockey for the St. Vital Vics and the Manitoba All-Stars. I would probably say my favorite is hockey, then soccer, then volleyball,” she says.

“I’m not sure why I like hockey the most. Maybe it’s the movement and the faster pace.”

Lainey plays center or left wing in hockey.

“I enjoy scoring goals. (It’s) more fun than staying behind,” she explains. “Scoring goals is fun. In soccer, I usually play in right midfield. I like playing in midfield because you play in all areas of the field and make your contribution.”

Lainey enjoys being part of a team in all sports that she plays.

“I really enjoy it. I really like doing sports with friends. We have a lot of fun hanging out after our games and practice.”

I asked Lainey if she had an ultimate goal and her response was that of a versatile young athlete.

“I don’t really have a goal yet. I’m not sure what sport I want to do when I’m older. Right now I’m really enjoying playing and working to improve as an athlete,” she says.

Lainey and her father Dave, mother Tammy and older brother Nolan live in St. Vital.

“My brother also plays soccer and hockey, (but) he’s playing more hockey now,” she says. “He plays for the U15 AAA Bruins. I want to thank my mom and dad for driving me to my sports and cheering me on. My parents are always there for me.”

Lainey’s father Dave is a big fan of his daughter.

“Lainey is a great ki,” he says. “She’s hard on herself to always improve. Sometimes she strives almost too hard for excellence. She is very trainable and is always working to get better at sports and in class.”

Lainey is very articulate and has a very bright future. She has this piece of advice for young athletes, a statement that reflects where she is in her journey:

“Always do your best and have fun. Try as many sports as possible when you are young.”

Troy Westwood

Troy Westwood
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