Kirigan’s Return in ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 Prompts Questions About Ben Barnes’ Dating Life

season two of shadow and bone is officially available so fans can enjoy the Netflix series to their heart’s content.

And rejoice – with abandon, if you have the time – other Grishaverse fans, out of fear shadow and bone suffer the same fate as a whole lot of his similarly designed fantasy peers. Shows how warrior nun And 1899 were canceled despite an eager and abundant fanbase, and unless we prove that we want to see Alina, Kaz and Wylan return for a third season, they won’t.

With this in mind, many fantasy fans have planned their weekend plans ahead of time. You’ll be tearing through Season 2 and the new characters, storylines, and romance over the course of the weekend, so let’s focus on some of the best aspects of the show. Like Inej, the Crow’s dedicated spy, and the horde of ultra-powerful Grisha scattered across Leigh Bardugo’s magical world.

The Darkling comes easily to the front of the pack while its actor – Ben Barnes – continues to wow viewers. He was an early fan choice for the role and has yet to disappoint. As fans dive into the final season — and once again feel torn between attraction and distrust — they can’t help but take a look back at the actor’s dating history and his current relationship status.

Dig in Inej’s background

Inej Ghafa
Photo via Netflix

Inej Ghafa is undoubtedly one of the best characters in Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. Supple and capable, Suli gives her family of thieves a much-needed heart, drawing on her talents picked up as an acrobat to perform spectacular feats. Unlike some of her companions, Inej isn’t from the trading country of Kertch, but the Netflix adaptation has yet to really delve into her background. If you have questions about Crow’s Wraith, we have answers.

Kirigan’s return raises questions about Ben Barnes’ relationship life

The Darkling - Shadow and Bone
Photo via Netflix

shadow and bone has many popular characters and – somehow – its main villain manages to be one of them. Some of that is due to Kirigan’s dark and intriguing nature, but more of that is due to Ben Barnes and his spectacular portrayal of the character. Also his face.

Barnes is an undeniably attractive man, and that – coupled with his clear talent – earns him a huge following. His return as the insidious creator of the shadow fold has quenched fans’ thirst and prompted an investigation into the actor’s relationship status.

Speaking of Kirigan, why did he create the fold in the first place?

Shadow and Bone Ben Barnes Netflix Darkling
Image via Netflix

Those familiar with the story, in shadow and bone are aware that the Black Heretic created the crease several centuries before the beginning of the story in the Netflix series, but the question of “why” is far less known. The series does, however, address Kirigan’s motivations in the first season, in a brief flashback to his struggles long ago. The creation of the fold was the result of merciless Grisha killings and Kirigan’s own growing resentment and pain, as well as his desire for power and control.


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