Kyle Lowry joins Vince Carter’s podcast, responds to Chris Broussard’s comments on Toronto

When you bring two Raptors legends together, you’re sure to hear them praise the town they once called home.

Last week, Vince Carter welcomed Kyle Lowry as a guest on his new “VC Show,” hosted on the NBA’s YouTube channel on ESPN. As the two covered a range of issues, they touched on unfair criticism the city of Toronto received from FS1 analyst Chris Broussard, who said in July that African-American players are uncomfortable in the city because it’s not in America.

While neither Carter nor Lowry addressed Broussard by name, the discussion made way for their strong feelings on the subject.

As part of his initial response, Lowry gave a very Kyle Lowry response, saying, “I don’t talk about others and what people say because I don’t care about responding to others because, whatever.”

But even in Lowry fashion, he added some depth to his comments by saying, “I’m a 20th-century black African American and Lehigh in North Philly and I absolutely love Toronto.”

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After spending the first six years of his career in Memphis and Houston, Lowry was reassigned to Toronto, where he forged a legacy as champion and greatest raptor of all time for nine seasons before moving to Miami for the 2021 offseason.

That kind of legacy on the ground cannot be created by a player uncomfortable outside of the arena.

Lowry, who lived in North York during his time with the Raptors, praised Toronto’s Caribbean culture, adding, “What I appreciate is that it’s kind of a melting pot of Canada. You can find any race – any nationality mixed with any nationality in Canada.”

The two mentioned Raptors basketball development consultant and 12-year NBA veteran Jamaal “Big Cat” Magloire, who was born in Toronto to Trinidadian parents, as the embodiment of the rich culture that embodies the city.

As Lowry and Carter continued to share their love for Toronto, both implored listeners to visit the city for Caribana or Drake’s OVO Fest to get a feel for the people and culture there.

Lowry becomes the latest member of a growing group of current and former Raptors speaking out in response to Broussard, as Carter, Chris Boucher, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Darrick Martin and Norman Powell have each come to Toronto’s defense.

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As the segment ended, Lowry reiterated his point with a strong statement that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

i love toronto I can go back there whenever I want. I can feel very comfortable – not being who I am, but being a black man.

You can check out Lowry’s full comments below.

Kyle Lowry on The VC Show

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