Latest On Bills S Damar Hamlin

It’s been a long road to Bill’s safety Damar Hamelin while continuing to recover from his heart attack on the field in early January. He also has a long way to go but early signs were that Hamlin had a desire to return to the field and play professional football again. According to ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg, Hamlin’s intentions remain focused on playing back in the NFL as things continue to move “in the right direction.”

The first indications came directly from Hamelin, but were accompanied by several future medical examinations and the obtaining of several expert opinions. The recently updated information is from the General Manager Brandon Beanewho has been very involved in Hamlin’s recovery process.

Beane visited sophomore safety this week, and Hamlin again confirmed his intentions. Beane explained that Hamlin has at least one more doctor’s visit due, but that things are “going in the right direction.”

“We’ll put him through all of[his medical consultations].” Beane said of the plans for Hamlin, “AAnd then we make sure all of our medical staff hear all of those opinions on every visit and make sure we’re all on the same page about what they want.”

As for the timeline for a decision, Beane believes Hamlin’s medical exams and consultations should be completed by April so that the team and Hamlin can make a fully informed decision. He said the date is always subject to change, with a doctor saying in April he would like to see Hamlin back in his practice in May, but so far everything is settled.

The bills don’t need to force Hamlin back onto the field. The team returns starting collateral Jordan Poyerwho recently signed a new contract to remain in Buffalo, and Micah Hyde, who missed most of last season with a foot injury. Hyde’s injury was what pushed Hamlin into a starting role last season and with Hyde returning to the field Hamlin is allowed to work his way back onto the field without the pressure of having to appear as one of the team’s top two safety players .

However long it takes for Hamlin to return to 100 percent, a return to the field would be nothing short of a miraculous result after what we witnessed on the field in January. We at PFR really wish Hamlin the best in his rehabilitation and health as things continue to develop in a positive direction for the 24-year-old.


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