Latest Pokémon News: Drifloon terrify Scarlet and Violet players, Ditto size variants uncovered

Driftoon is pretty cute despite being a ghost, but now that more people are hearing the frightening rumors about it, a group of them are in on it Pokemon scarlet And Violet are really freaking players.

In other news, the size variation feature was introduced Pokemon Go Late last year it allowed trainers to catch XXS and XXL Pokemon, now Ditto is included but not everyone is excited about it.

And last but not least, Niantic recently unveiled what might be the worst Field Research task and reward in Pokémon Go history. It’s so bad that players can’t understand why it was added in the first place.

Driftoon is terrifying Scarlet fever And Violet player

A Ghost and Flying-type Pokémon, Drifloon is said to be a little spooky despite its adorable balloon-like appearance. In an episode of the anime, it was said that there were rumors that Drifloon could “steal” children who mistake it for a balloon and “lead them to the afterlife”.

That’s a little too scary for this Pokémon columnist’s liking, and to make matters worse, Scarlet fever And Violet Players have spotted a group of them in the Uva Academy schoolyard supporting this theory.

At night you can see three Drifloon hovering on a shed in the schoolyard, which is the perfect place for them to capture the attention of unsuspecting kids and steal their souls. Those who already knew are appalled, and those who didn’t know are even more unsettled.

Ditto size variants now available in Go

Due to a unique encounter mechanic that makes it appear as the Pokémon it disguised itself as in the wild, Ditto was the only Pokémon that didn’t have XXS or XXL sized variants. This came as a surprise, since the original set of Pokemon it contained in December 2022 was expanded to include all Pokemon except for the little purple speck a month later.

That has now changed as reported by a player showing that he caught an XXL Litleo that was actually a Ditto. It retained its size after being caught. Others reported the same.

Some players are excited about it while others find the size variation feature a bit pointless as the discussion of the new feature continues.

At least Ditto doesn’t miss out anymore.

This might be the worst field research reward ever

Field research tasks are one of the best ways to earn rewards Pokemon Go– or at least they should be. Players can obtain everything from Berries to Stardust and more.

However, this latest fieldwork assignment is a different story. For the effort of catching 10 Pokémon, you’ll get 10 Poké Balls—all of which are negated by having to use 10 to catch them.

As you might expect, the community was quick to ridicule how bizarre it is. “I find it amazing that someone at Niantic went out of their way to add this for the limited duration of the event. Of all the things they could have added, they went for this one. Brilliant,” said one player. “Quick before they patch it to 9 Pokeballs!” joked another.


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