Merry Go Round Movie: Merry Go Round: Where and how to watch for free

“Merry Go Round” is a new Hallmark film that premiered Saturday. The film stars actors Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott. Interestingly, this new romance flick is part of Hallmark’s Fall Into Love series. If you don’t have a conventional cable connection, you can watch the film on an online streaming platform. You can stream Love in the Limelight on Philo through a free trial. DirectTV Stream will also stream the film and a free trial will be available.

The film “Merry Go Round” presents a story revolving around two characters, Luke Walker and Abby Foster. Brennan Elliott plays the role of Luke Walker and Amanda Schull portrays Abby Foster’s character. In the movie Merry Go Round, Luke and Abby are a high school couple who were also married for a short time after high school.

The official synopsis of the film from Hallmark states that Abby is a successful woman who moves to Paris and has plans to marry a person named Edward. However, things don’t go according to Abby’s plan when she learns that her divorce from Luke, her high school sweetheart, hasn’t been officially declared.

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The film will be available on Philo, an online entertainment streaming platform with more than 60 channels. Philo also grants new users a free trial. One can also opt for a live TV subscription to Philo by paying $25 per month. Philo’s subscription grants access to multiple TV channels including MTV, news and other lifestyle channels. With this subscription, subscribers can stream the channels on a maximum of three devices.

The film can also be viewed on DirecTV Stream via a free trial or paid subscription. DirectTV Stream monthly subscription ranges from $70 to $140 per month.

Frequently asked Questions:

1). Which actors play the main roles in “Merry Go Round”?

Actors Brennan Elliott and Amanda Schull star in Merry Go Round.

2). On which online streaming platform can Merry Go Round be watched?

Merry Go Round can be viewed on Philo and DirectTV Stream.

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