Midnight Fight Express: How to Get Gold Teeth | Challenge Guide

Well, I never said I was a dentist.

There are five optional challenges that players can complete in each level Midnight Fight Express. Three of them are always unique for each level and challenge the player to do things like: Rank and find ten gold teeth.

While both sound fairly straightforward, finding gold teeth is actually a bit of a challenge. However, since it is listed for every single level in the game, learning the best ways to find them is important for anyone looking to unlock all of the cosmetic items available for purchase with in-game currency in the Appearance tab of the Hideout menu.

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How to get ten gold teeth in each level

In the tutorial section of Midnight Fight Express That explains what Gold Teeth are, you are showered with the collectible after a single fight with a group of enemies. This gives a somewhat misleading impression of how easy it is to collect them. You’ll be showered with gold teeth randomly when you hit enemies in the tutorial, but after that you’ll rarely get more than one or two in a single fight.

Since it’s random there really isn’t a good way to farm them as it’s pretty much entirely based on luck. Anecdotally, I seemed to have better luck getting enemies to drop a Gold Tooth when using finishers and other abilities unlocked in the Skills and Upgrades tab of the Hideout menu, but there’s not much on it suggests actually is working. This theory is echoed by TheGamer, but there’s nothing in the game to officially confirm that using abilities increases your chances of drops.

The good thing about the challenge is that you don’t have to catch all ten teeth in a single run. This means that if you only pick up three in a level, when you return there to complete the challenge, you only need to find seven. While having to replay levels to collect teeth can be tedious, there are other challenges you can unlock along the way that you can focus on while hunting.

To collect the teeth, once you’ve knocked them out of your enemies’ faces, just walk over them and Babyface will pick them up.

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