Morning Joe Crew Stunned By Trump’s Latest Violent Threat

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and his crew were stunned by the former President Donald Trump’s latest threat of charges that could lead to his imminent arrest.

Trump has incited a frenzy over the Manhattan DA Alvin Braggs Investigations into hush money payments Stormy Daniels — the stage name of Stephanie Clifford — and reports that Trump’s indictment and arrest may be imminent.

He began stoking the fire on Saturday by telling supporters he expected to be arrested Tuesday (he wasn’t) and urging them to “PROTEST” and “TAKE BACK OUR NATION!”

After several escalations, Trump upped the ante in a late night social media post by warning of “death and destruction” if indicted.

On Friday morning edition from MSNBC’s morning joethe host was shocked by Trump’s remarks, and he and the crew agreed that it shows Trump has “lost control” and is “scared to death” at being arrested:

JONATHAN LEMIRE: So that was about 5 hours ago. So after midnight we can safely say I’ll just read it. “What kind of person can impeach another person, in this case a former President, who got more votes?” Yadda Yadda Yadda. I’ll skip that. “How can you accuse this person of a crime when everyone knows no crime was committed? And also. JOE SCARBOROUGH: Note that not everyone is aware of this. JONATHAN LEMIRE: Not known to all, but also “no crimes are being committed and it is also known that potential death and destruction on such a false charge could be catastrophic for our country.” Why and who would do such a thing? Just a degenerate psychopath who really hates the United States of America.” This was published after midnight by the former President of the United States, who called for death and said there could be death and destruction if he died because of, as you say, might only be charged with one misdemeanor. JOE SCARBOROUGH: I have to say, Rev, I want to go back to what you said, that’s a guy who’s shaking in his boots now. Of course, he threatens other people’s lives. He threatens other people’s lives. But you read these these tweets or whatever you call it on this failing platform. And this is a guy you’re right about, he’s crazy, scared. He’s melting down, and now he’s threatening riots that will result in death and destruction if he’s charged with a misdemeanor! rev. AL SHARPTON: Any man who gets up in the middle of the night and uses that kind of language is scared to death. The problem, however, lies in his fear that he will incite people, no matter how small they have become as a mass, to do something. And if you add to that the photo with the bat and a sitting prosecutor, it’s unimaginable. You’re right Joe, we’d get arrested for that. And then there are members of Congress, chairmen of committees, who tell a prosecutor in the middle of an investigation to come and give us the evidence. I mean, they’re really rigging an investigation. This is not a closed investigation. Before we even know if there’s a charge or indictment. They say bring us the evidence. I mean this is outrageous. What is Jordan talking about? Stuck in the middle of a grand jury trial? You want the DA to walk away and tell me what evidence you’re providing. And we’re going to show it on national TV so the target can understand the evidence? I mean we push all the boundaries of what’s legal, what’s respectful. And we have a man who is scared to death, awake in the middle of the night calling for violence, taking a picture with a bat because he’s scared to death that he’s going to face that charge. JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well, and just to show you how quickly that goes for a man who’s totally out of control, he’s just totally melted. We assume a bottom third saying, “Trump threatens DA with violent imagery.” To date, “Trump threatens the tag with death and destruction.” Again, in his own words, is he now threatening death and destruction one day? I’m sorry, is this legal? is this legal I want to know what would happen if someone working in a school threatened a prosecutor with death and destruction.

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