New Furiosa Images Show An Unrecognizable Chris Hemsworth Sporting A Huge Grey Beard

Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa is being filmed in Australia and Chris Hemsworth was spotted on set with a wild gray beard.

We’ve already seen a candid shot of Chris Hemsworth on the set of crazy max precursor furiosa, but the latest pictures show the actor more unrecognizable than ever. furiosa is the fifth film in the crazy max Franchise that began with Mel Gibson’s 1979 dystopian action film and added a belated sequel in 2015 in the form of Mad Max: Fury Road. The latest film acts as a prequel to that film, as well as a spin-off of Charlize Theron’s character, Emperor Furiosa, who starred years earlier as a younger version of the character in the upcoming film.

furiosas The cast is led by Anya Taylor-Joy in the title role of Furiosa, who is kidnapped from the Green Place of Many Mothers and becomes entangled with a biker horde led by Warlord Dementus, who is at war with Immortan Joe. The film’s supporting cast includes Fury Road returnees Nathan Jones and Angus Sampson, as well as newcomers Tom Burke and Hemsworth in unknown roles. However, it looks like the film will cover a fairly long period of time, as previous images of Hemsworth’s red-bearded character have now been followed up and show him with a much thicker gray beard.


Images shared by The Daily Mail were subsequently uploaded to Twitter by a number of users. You can check out some of the images below which show a completely unrecognizable Hemsworth waving his huge beard and appearing with a new nose. How do the changes fit in? furiosas Storyline is something that is currently unknown.

These are the latest pictures from the set of the film which is currently filming in Australia. Earlier images showed Hemsworth as a younger version of his character, and others gave a first glimpse of Taylor-Joy’s furiosa in character. However, it will likely be some time before we see official footage from the film.

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George Miller has hinted furiosas Epic scale

All about the crazy max Franchise is epic, and he has previously hinted that Furiosa’s story will be told over several decades in the film. This would go hand in hand with Hemsworth’s changing appearance in the set leaks shared so far, and means we’ll be looking forward to another huge chunk of storytelling from the world of Furious Max when the film arrives in 2024. Miller previously commented:

“I’ll tell you how it’s going when it’s done, but it’s off to a nice start. All I can say about my excitement about it is that it’s definitely exciting, because while it’s certainly from this world of Fury Road, it also has a lot of the differences we talked about. Again, it’s uniquely familiar. And probably the biggest difference is the time span. Fury Road happened over three days and two nights and this one happened over 15 years. So it’s a saga.”

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