NFL RedZone streams, explained: How to watch 2022 Sunday football show for free without cable

NFL fans used to have limited opportunities to watch games in any given week. National games were always available, as were several regional broadcasts on Sunday afternoons. But for the most part, fans were at the cable companies’ mercy if they wanted to see action at every game.

That is no longer the case. Streaming has made it easier for fans to watch the games they want, but one program in particular has helped transform the way fans watch football.

That would be NFL Network’s show “NFL RedZone.” The program debuted in 2009 and was marketed as a way for fans to see live cut-in action of all live NFL games on Sunday afternoons.

That’s exactly what it offered the fans. The program now has a cult following, with many NFL fans making “seven hours of ad-free football” a part of their gameday ritual.

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Those with cable bundles that include the NFL network can access the NFL RedZone with relative ease each week. However, as the number of cord cutters starts to grow across the country, some will surely be wondering how to view the content hosted by Scott Hanson.

How to get NFL RedZone wirelessly? The Sporting News brought you up to speed on the 2022 NFL season.

Here’s how to get NFL RedZone wirelessly

There are many ways to watch NFL RedZone wirelessly. Numerous streaming services carry the program, making it easy for consumers to watch Hanson and the NFL in action on Sundays.

FuboTV, which comes with a free trial, is among the networks that provide consumers with the NFL network. This is joined by NFL+, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

streaming option Free? Costs Free trial period?
NFL+ (mobile only) no $4.99/month Yes
fuboTV no $69.99/month Yes
Hulu Plus Live TV no $69.99/month Yes
Sling TV no $35/month no
YouTube TV no $64.99/month Yes

Free NFL RedZone Stream

While several streaming services come with a free trial, fuboTV is unique in that it includes NFL RedZone as part of its free trial, despite being part of a premium package upgrade.

FuboTV provides access to all non-Amazon Prime NFL games including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Sunday afternoon competitions in your local market. It also gives users access to NFL Network programming.

What channel is NFL RedZone on?

Streamers can watch NFL RedZone on their various streaming services without entering a channel number. Those with cable will need to remember the channel number to find the programming.

Below are NFL RedZone’s channel listings on each major cable provider:

Offerer channel
Verizon Fios 335 (SD) or 835 (HD)
DirectTV 703
Xfinity 390 (SD) or 899 (HD)
satellite television 155
spectrum 2495

How much is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone costs vary depending on which streaming service you use. You can purchase the program directly from NFL+ in the NFL app for $5 per month, but access to it is mobile only.

Meanwhile, select streaming services are running NFL RedZone. However, it is not included in the base cost of most packages; it is only available as an add-on.

Below you can see how much the NFL RedZone add-on costs, the total cost of streaming services, and whether the service comes with a free trial.

service basic package cost extra cost total cost Free trial period?
fuboTV $69.99 $10.99 $80.98 Yes
YouTube TV $64.99 $11 $75.99 Yes
Hulu Plus Live TV $69.99 $9.99 $79.98 Yes
Sling TV $35 $11 $46 no
NFL+ (mobile only) $4.99 N / A $4.99 Yes

Is NFL RedZone on fuboTV?

Yes, NFL RedZone is available on fuboTV as part of the Sports Plus package. FuboTV comes with a free trial, so those interested in streaming NFL RedZone can sign up for the trial to see some of the ad-free NFL action.

Is NFL RedZone on YouTube TV?

Yes, NFL RedZone is available on YouTube TV. As with fuboTV, you can access NFL RedZone as part of YouTube TV’s Sports Plus Add-ons package and get a free trail.

Is NFL RedZone on Hulu?

Yes, Hulu Plus Live TV also offers access to NFL RedZone as part of its sports add-on package. It also comes with a free trial.

Is NFL RedZone on Sling TV?

Yes, NFL RedZone is available on Sling TV as part of its sports add-ons. It costs the least of the major streamers that broadcast the event, but there’s no free trial and viewers can’t access the games on Fox as Sling doesn’t broadcast those channels.

Is NFL RedZone on NFL+?

Yes, NFL fans can pay around $5 per month to access NFL+, which allows them to watch NFL RedZone. However, your access to the Program is restricted to mobile devices.

Is NFL RedZone on DirecTV Stream?

No, DirecTV Stream does not broadcast NFL RedZone.

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