Nip slips and ripped pants – sport’s worst wardrobe malfunctions as Gavi’s bum exposed

Wardrobe disruptions happen – it’s just unfortunate that this sometimes happens in front of millions of fans in the sport’s premier league.

Barcelona star Gavi has become the latest superstar to suffer the embarrassing slip when his shorts fell down, revealing his bare bottom. And fans were quick to take to social media to take up the incident, but Gavi isn’t the only superstar to have experienced a wardrobe malfunction.

And from nip slips to ripped pants – and in between there was a damn scream – Daily star sport looks at nine wardrobe glitches that happened on the biggest stage.

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Gavi showed his bare bottom to the world on Sunday night

Gavi was teaming up with Athletic Bilbao defender Oscar de Marcos on the wing on Sunday night when the pair tangled and sent her to the ground.

Unfortunately for Gavi, however, his shorts slipped down his legs, exposing his bare bottom to the millions of TV viewers watching La Liga. And the picture was quickly snapped and shared on social media as fans joked about the slip-up.

Gavi also put on a great defense, putting his head on the line by sliding headfirst into the ball to thwart a Bilbao attack.

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