Nobody Knows How To React To Pokémon’s New Flaccid Worm Monster

A Wiglett, the new Pokémon revealed today, bumps out of the sand on the beach.

screenshot: The Pokémon Company /

Honestly, you have to grow up. It’s a worm! The newest Pokemon to be revealed for Pokemon scarlet and violet is a wonky worm named Wiglett, which is clearly related to the base set favorite, Diglett.

Wiglett, it appears, is the result of divergent evolution, an aquatic cousin of the soil-type Gen 1 Diglett. It might look a bit eel-neighboring, but then it also looks like a more alert lugworm, maybe even with a flash of Geoduck. And that’s all it reminds anyone of.

OK, yes, you are right. They look like a bit like Winkies. There’s no way around it. Terribly pale and with a face, but it seems that humans are conditioned to see anything long and flimsy as a penis. That’s enough now.

News of this new — no, this is not a good time to use the acronym “mon” — pocket monster comes, as you might have expected, from the all-seeing eye of Apparently, The Pokémon Company is showing parts of it scarlet and violet to the Pokémon World Ecological Society, which I’m excited to hear is one thing. Meanwhile, a brand new Gen IX monster, the Wiglett, was revealed while showing off a few previously known Pokemon.


The unfortunately low-resolution video shows the little beasts poking their heads out of the sand on the beach, suggesting we have at least one water type here. The multilingual discussion throughout the video has Pokécologists (everyone uses that term) wondering if it’s related to Diglett, but then conclude it’s a whole new species of Pokémon.

God knows what’s going on in this video with the wingulls appearing to be stuck in mid-air and the background looking like it’s running on GBA.

This makes it the 16th new Pokémon only to be revealed in the Paldean region ahead of the November release Pokemon scarlet and violet. Most of them were completely insane.

Generally, when The Pokémon Company reveals a new creature, we get a clue like this one, and then a nice press release full of information. So check back later for an update on this post with all this additional news.

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