NRL Judiciary Round 3: Felise Kaufusi seeks a downgraded charge

Felise Kaufusi has decided to apply for his late goal against Jackson Hastings during his team’s victory over the Knights in round 3.

In the final phase of the game, the executor of the Dolphin was reported twice within five minutes when he accused Newcastles playmaker with his attack and later accused him for the offense.

Felise Kaufusi and Jahrome Hughes call for demotions at the judiciary

Kaufusi was imposed on the consultations of the Match Review Committee for dangerous contacts of level 2 with a lock of four games that could have been reduced to three if he had decided to do an early creed.

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However, the 30-year-old will now be in front of the judiciary on Tuesday evening to play against Brisbane in the historic duel of his team on Friday evening.

“The Dolphins will aim to reduce the classification so that Kaufusi can play against the Broncos in the Battle of Brisbane Blockbuster on Friday,” said the club in a statement.

“Kaufusi would only be finished with a fine, while his suspension is increased from three to four weeks if the challenge is unsuccessful.”

It will be a busy night at the league headquarters, in which the Jahrome Hughes also decides to apply for a downgrading for his protégé.

The Stormddack was quoted for dangerous contacts after he had entered his shoulder while he had put Taah’s Boyd under kick during the defeat of his team on Saturday.

Hughes risks a lock for two games in front of the tribunal to reduce the indictment and be available for Melbourne’s collision with the West’s Tigers.

In the meantime, Fletcher Baker is trapped between the hearing of Kaufusi and Hughes after not guilty due to a negligent charges against Campbell Graham.

Four players charged in Roosters-Rabbitohs boil over

It was invoiced as a NRL-ford game throughout the week, and Roosters vs. Rabbitohs did not disappoint on this front, since two players from each team were charged by the judiciary.

Roosters Joseph Manu and Fletcher Baker were both charged with careless high tackles, with Manus being Class 2 and Fletcher being Class 1.

For the Rabbitohs, it was an anticonduct charge for Cody Walker and Michael Chee Kam.

Mitchell Moses, one of three charged eels

Thursday was a tough night for Parramatta. Not only did they lose to Manly by four defeats, but they also had three separate players charged by the judiciary.

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Both Mitchell Moses and Maika Sivo have been charged with conflicting conduct; Moses accepted a fine of $ 750 with a confession of guilt – while Sivo received a fine of $ 1,800, as this was his second offense.

In the meantime, Reagan Campbell-Gillard received a fine of $ 3,000 with a confession of guilt due to a shoulder burden on level 1.


Player (club) Charging Sanction
Mitchell Moses (Aale) Grade 1 Contradictory Behavior $750 fine (early plea deal)
Reagan Campbell-Gillard (eels) Tier 1 Shoulder Attack $3,000 fine (early plea deal)
Maika Sivo (Aale) Grade 1 Contradictory Behavior $1,800 fine (early plea deal)
Taniela Paseka (sea eagle) Grade 1 High Tackle (Carefree) $1,000 fine (early plea deal)
Josh Aloiai (Seadler) Crusher Tackle class 1 $1,500 fine (early plea deal)
Felise Kaufusi (dolphins) Grade 2 Dangerous contact Plea – Guilty, denies classification
Dylan Lucas (Knight) Crusher tackle class 1 $1,500 fine (early plea deal)
Fletcher Baker (Roosters) Grade 1 High Tackle (Carefree) Plea – not guilty
Joseph Manu (roosters) Grade 2 High Tackle (Carefree) 1 game (early plea)
Cody Walker (Rabbit) Grade 1 Contradictory Behavior $1,000 fine (early plea deal)
Michael Chee Kam (Rabbitohs) Grade 1 Contradictory Behavior $1,000 fine (early plea deal)
David Fifita (Titans) Level 1 Dangerous contact $1,000 fine (early plea deal)
Jahrome Hughes (Storm) Grade 2 Dangerous contact Plea – Guilty, denies classification
Justin Olam (Storm) Grade 1 High Tackle (Carefree) $750 (early plea)
Tino Fa’asuamaleaui (Titans) Tier 1 Shoulder Attack $1,500 (early plea)
Marata Niukore (Warrior) Level 1 Dangerous contact $1,000 fine (early plea deal)
Jeremiah Nanai (Cowboys) Level 1 Dangerous contact $3000 (early plea)
Te Maire Martin (Warrior) Grade 1 Dangerous Contact (Tripping) $750 (early plea)

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