NRL predicted team lists: Every side’s likely lineup for Round 13

Round 13 will be heavily influenced by the country of origin with only five games and many notable absences.

St George Illawarra will be looking for back-to-back wins against the Dolphins – but they’ll be without skipper Ben Hunt, who is away in Queensland, in the process.

Parramatta also hopes to climb the leaderboard when they face off against the Cowboys, who will be affected by Origin and will bear many battle scars after a 66-18 loss to the Tigers.

Brisbane will face the Warriors without many of their biggest stars, while all eyes will be on Jack Wighton when Canberra take on South Sydney.

Here’s all the morning mail ahead of NRL Round 13.


Thursday, May 25, Kayo Stadium (7:50 p.m.)

Expected team of the Dragons:

1. Tyrell Sloan
2. Mat Feagai
3. Moses Suli
4. Zac Lomax
5. Mikaele Ravalawa
6. Talatau Amone
7.Jayden Sullivan
8. Jack De Belin
9. Jacob Liddle
10.Francis Molo
11. Ben Murdoch-Masila
12. Jaydn Su’a
13. Jack Bird

14. Moses Mbye
15. Toby Couchman
17.Michael Molo
17.Jayden Hunt

Dragons Team News:

Ben Hunt will be absent for Origin duties, giving Jayden Sullivan an opportunity to start at halfback and Moses Mbye returning to the bench.

Blake Lawrie (hand) is expected to be out next month, Francis Molo is likely to take over the starting tackle role and Jack Bird (knee) is set to return on suspension.

Expected team of the Dolphins:

1.Tesi Niu
2.Jamayne Isaako
3. Euan Aitken
4. Brenko Lee
5. Jack Bostock
6. Kodi Nikorima
7. Isaiya Katoa
8.Jesse Bromwich
9. Jeremy Marshall-King
10. Jarrod Wallace
11. Kenny Bromwich
12. Connelly Lemuelu
13. Mark Nicholls

14. Anthony Milford
15. Ray Stone
16. Herman Ese’ese

Dolphins Team News:

Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow and Tom Gilbert will both miss the game due to Origin commitments. Tesi Niu is likely to switch to full-back and Jack Bostock (Nose) could return to the wing.

Felise Kaufusi (suspended) will be out for three weeks with a high shot in Round 12, while Mark Nicholls (thumb) is expected to return to the forward group.


Friday, May 26, CommBank Stadium (8 p.m.)

Estimated team of the Eels:

1.Clint Gutherson
2.Maika Sivo
3. Will Penisini
4.Bailey Simonsson
5.Sean Russell
6. Dylan Brown
7. MitchellMoses
8. Wiremu Greig
9.Josh Hodgson
10. Ofahiki Ogden
11. Bryce Cartwright
12. Matt Doorey
13. J’maine Hopgood

14. Brendan Hands
15. Makahesi Makatoa
16. Jack Murchie
17.Jirah Momoisea

News from the Eels team:

Huge blow to the Eels as second rowers Ryan Matterson (Wade) and Andrew Davey (concussion) will both miss this weekend’s clash while Junior Paulo is absent on Origin duties.

Matt Doorey, Jirah Momoisea and Jack Murchie are the likely substitutes in the side, with Ofahiki Ogden moving into the starting XI.

Probable team of the Cowboys:

1.Scott Drinkwater
2. Kyle Feldt
3. Brendan Elliott
4. Peta Hiku
5. Gehamat Shibasaki
6. Ben Hampton
7.Chad Townsend
8.Jordan McLean
9.Reece Robson
10. Coen Hess
11. Heilum Luke
12. Luciano Leilua
13. Jason Taumalolo

14. Jake Granville
15. Jack Gosiewski
16. Mitch Dunn
17. Kulikefu Finefeuiaki

Cowboys Team News:

North Queensland was hit hard by the Origin selection and is being forced to make several changes.

Valentine Holmes, Murray Taulagi, Tom Dearden and Reuben Cotter will all miss this weekend’s game. Brendan Elliot and Gehahamat Shibasaki will form the full-backs and Ben Hampton will move in fifth and eighth.

At the right time for the Cowboys, Jason Taumalolo (knee) will return to the side at Lock.

Todd Payten may also want to make other changes after the 18-66 loss to the Tigers.


Saturday, May 27, 5:30 p.m. (McLean Park)

Warriors Team News:

1. Charnze Nicoll Klokstad
2. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
3. Rocco berry
4. Adam Pompey
5. Marcelo Montoya
6.Ronald Volkman
7.Shaun Johnson
8. Addin Fonua-Blake
9.Wayde Egan
10. Bunty Afoa
11. Josh Curran
12. Marata Niukore
13. Tohu Harris

14.Freddy Lussick
15. Dylan Walker
16.Jackson Ford
17. Tom Ale

Warriors Team News:

No Warriors players have been selected for Origin, which bodes well for the club over the next six weeks.

Jackson Ford (head punch) is likely to return to the team, while Ronald Volkman (finger) is likely to be called up.

Broncos Predicted Team:

1. Jesse Arthars
2. Your mariners
3. Kotoni Staggs
4. Herbie Farnworth
5. Corey Oates
6. Ezra Mam
7. Adam Reynolds
8. Corey Jensen
9. Billy Walters
10. Martin Taupau
11. Keenan Palasia
12.Jordan Riki
13.Kobe Hetherington

14. Cory Paix
15. Logan Bayliss
16.Xavier Willison
17. Brendan Piakura

Broncos team news:

There will be a new Brisbane team this weekend with almost half of the Round 12 grid unavailable.

Reece Walsh, Selwyn Cobbo, Payne Haas, Tom Flegler and Patrick Carrigan are all away on Origin duties, while Kurt Capewell (shoulder) is expected to be sidelined.

Adam Reynolds (headbutt) will return at centre-back, while Jesse Arthars is expected to switch to full-back and Corey Oates (knee) will return to play on the wing.

Logan Bayliss, Deine Mariner, Xavier Willison, Brendan Piakura and Keenan Palasia are the likely new faces on the Broncos team.


Saturday 27 May, Accor Stadium (7:35 p.m.)

Expected Team of Rabbitohs:

1. Blake Taaffe
2. Alex Johnston
3. Isaiah Tass
4. Josiah Karapani
5. Taane Milne
6. Cody Walker
7. Lachlan Iliad
8. Tevita Tatola
9. Damien Cook
10.Tom Burgess
11. Michael Chee Kam
12.Jacob Host
13. Hame Sele

14.Richard Kennar
15. Liam Knight
16.Jed Cartwright
17. Daniel Suluka-Fifita

Rabbitohs Team News:

Latrell Mitchell, Cameron Murray and Jai Arrow will all be absent on Origin duties, while in-form center Campbell Graham (Sternum) has withdrawn from the NSW camp.

Tom Burgess (back) is likely to return to the front row while Jed Cartwight (headbutt) is likely to be back on board.

Blake Taaffe will switch to full-back and youngster Josiah Karapani could make his debut at centre-back.

Expected team of the Raiders:

1.Sebastian Kris
2. Nick Cotric
3. Jarrod Croker
4. Matt Timoko
5.Jordan Rapana
6. Jack Wighton
7. Jamal Fogarty
8. Josh Papalii
9.Zac Woolford
10. Joseph Tapine
11. Corey Harawira-Naera
12. Elliot Whitehead
13. Corey Horsburgh

14. Tom Starling
15. Emre Guler
16. Pasami Saulo
17. Ata Mariota

Raiders Team News:

Hudson Young will be unavailable due to Origin commitments, which opens the door for Corey Harawira-Naera to return.

Zac Woolford (concussion) and Nick Cotric (hamstring injury) are both expected to give the Raiders a big boost after the loss to Manly.


Sunday, May 28, McDonald Jones Stadium (4:05 p.m.)

Expected team of the Knights:

1. Lachlan Miller
2. Dominic Young
3. Dane Gagai
4. Bradman Best
5. Greg Marzhev
6.Kalyn Ponga
7.Jackson Hastings
8. Daniel Saifiti
9.Phoenix Crossland
10. Jack Hetherington
11. Adam Elliott
12. Lachlan Fitzgibbon
13. Leo Thompson

14.Tyson Gamble
15. Jacob Saifiti
16. Jack Johns
17. Mat Croker

News from the Knights team:

Tyson Frizell will miss this weekend’s game due to Origin commitments – but both Kalyn Ponga and Dane Gagai will play freely after being banned from Queensland.

Jack Johns is likely to be on the bench while Adam Elliott starts.

Probable Sea Eagles team:

1. Kaeo Weekes
2. Jason Saab
3.Brad Parker
4. Tolu Koula
5. Reuben Garrick
6.Josh Schuster
7. Cooper Johns
8. Taniela Paseka
9. Lachlan Croker
10. Sean Keppie
11. Haumole Olakau’atu
12. Ethan Bullemor
13. Karl Lawton

14. Gordon Chan Kum Tong
15.Samuela Fainu
16. Toafofoa Sipley
17. Ben Condon

Sea Eagles News:

Tom Trbojevic and Daly Cherry-Evans will both be unavailable due to Origin commitments. Kaeo Weekes and Cooper Johns are likely to start.

Jake Trbojevic (calf) and Ben Trbojevic (hamstring injury) are both expected to be out for at least a week.

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