OnePlus will unveil its latest concept phone at Mobile World Congress 2023

The maker of premium Android smartphones showed two concept smartphones at past MWCs, but none of them made it to the booths.

OnePlus concept phone |  MWC 2023 OnePlus Concept |  OnePlus upcoming phoneMobile World Congress 2023 will take place in February. (Image source: OnePlus)

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After launching the OnePlus 11 (Review) and a host of other products at its Cloud 11 event, OnePlus has now announced that it will be showcasing its latest concept phone at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC). The event, taking place in Barcelona from February 27th to March 2nd, offers technology companies the opportunity to present their latest products and innovations.

According to OnePlus, the concept phone will feature a brand new design and will introduce new technologies. Interestingly, none of the concept devices exhibited by the brand at previous MWCs have materialized into commercial smartphones. There is currently limited information about the device, but it is very likely that it will not be available for sale.

In 2020, OnePlus introduced two concept smartphones. The first was called the OnePlus Concept One (based on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition) and featured invisible cameras. The company said it achieved the feat with electrochromic glass in a partnership with McLaren, the sports car maker. The technology can usually be seen in airplane windows and premium cars.

The other concept phone was later revealed in December 2020 and was basically the OnePlus 8T (review). The only thing that made it unique was its color changing back panel. OnePlus said it uses “Electronic Color, Material and Finish,” which allows the back to change color when triggered by things like a call or notification.

With technology evolving rapidly since then, it will be interesting to see what OnePlus brings to Mobile World Congress 2023.

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