Ooblets: How to Win Dance Battles

It’s all about your cute moves Ooblets‘Dance battles. It can be difficult to score the right amount of points faster than your opponents, especially when you’re nervous or have a hand full of useless cards.

This Ooblets The guide will give you tips on how to win dance battles to complete challenges or collect more seeds to hatch more Ooblets. There’s an ebb and flow of rules to help you get the dance floor lit once you know what to do.

Win dance battles with the best moves

Once a Dance Battle begins, select an equal number of Ooblets from your Follow Babies team as the opposing team (you cannot select those from your Home Buddies). If you have more Ooblets than required for the dance-off, it’s a good idea to focus on the most senior of your squad until you know the enemy Ooblets’ movesets for future fights.

It’s possible to win dance-offs without the best team makeup; it can only be harder. As you level more Ooblets, be sure to add a few lower tier ones as well so they can gain experience and unlock their signature moves.

Each team has white cards and different colored cards based on the Ooblet denoting signature moves. For example, Shrumbos have red cards, Clompers have green cards, Fleebles have purple cards, and Wigglewips have brown cards. It’s these Cards that can turn the tide of a dance battle.

New special ability cards are unlocked at level 1, level 3 and level 6. To view an Ooblet’s unique dance moves, open your Grumboire, go to the Ooblets tab, hover over a character and select “Manage”. Then select the penultimate option “Show Trains” from the menu on the right. You can also add Ooblets from your Home Buddies in this menu. Manage them and select “Add to Team”.

All cards have a cost in beats (some cost 0 beats and should always be played), and each turn you can only spend a limited number of beats per turn. You can see this in the lower left part of the screen under the score bar. Here’s a full breakdown of the beats in various match-ups:

  • 1v1 dance fight = 20 Win points (3 beats per round).
  • 2v2 dance fight = 25 Win points (4 beats per round).
  • 3v3 dance fight = 30 Win points (4 beats per round).
  • 4v4 dance fight = 35 Win points (5 beats per round).
  • 5v5 dance fight = 40 Win points (5 beats per round).
  • 6v6 dance fight = 40 Win points (5 beats per round).

There are only eight white cards with general moves in play:

  • lil lindy: Earn 2 points.
  • Gavotte Trot: Earn 4 points.
  • flip floss: Earn 7 points.
  • Takey Tap Tap: Steal 3 points.
  • One step pep: Gain 1 Hype.
  • Rhythm & Growth: Gain 1 shot.
  • Rig a jig: Add 1 move to your hand.
  • fear: Adds useless cards to opponent’s deck.

In general, the most usable these cards are flip floss, Takey Tap Tap, Rig a jigand fear. While these white cards are helpful, you must rely primarily on signature moves to win. Each Ooblet has three signature cards. These are the best:

  • Leggy (pike drop).
  • Derble (bon bon bop).
  • dooziedug (Todoozie Three).
  • fripp (loaded Lindy).
  • Grebun (Todoozie Three).
  • gumption (Todoozie Three).
  • Hermble (Hokeyokay).
  • Kingwa (Todoozie Three).
  • Oogum (reverse projection).
  • Petula (Blue sky this).
  • wheel load (Big flourish).
  • splash (Think Slink group).
  • Tamlin (Todoozie Three).

hype and excitement

It’s important to remember that while you can’t win without scoring the required number of points in each game, if you focus on scoring each round, you can actually lose. It’s up to the game hype and excitement Mechanics.

  • Every 1 point of hype increases the total score for each card by 1 point.
  • Every 1 point whisper reduces the total score for each card by 1 point.

This means you should always play cards that increase your Hype level and cards that increase your opponent’s Whisper level. At the start of each hand, take the time to review your deck and play Hype cards first, as they instantly increase the total of all cards. You can win without confusing your opponent, but more hype always means faster wins.

Also remember that every point of hype counteracts every point of whisper, and vice versa. If your opponent added 2 points of Whisper to your party, you can play 1 Hype card to reduce that total to 1 Whisper – or a 2-pack Hype card to remove them entirely. The same goes for your opponent and their hype. Hit them with Fluster to reduce or remove any Hype they have accumulated.

Finally, there are unique cards that allow you to convert your opponent’s hype into points for your team or your own hype into points, so keep an eye out for those as well.

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