Orioles’ Adley Rutschman had the time of his life at the Little League World Series ahead of 2022 MLB Little League Classic vs. Red Sox

Ah, to be young again…

MLB made its annual trip to Williamsport, Penn. for the Little League Classic 2022 and brought along one of his best youngsters, Orioles catcher Adleyrutschman.

rutschman is arguably the best batter in the league and he’s just a rookie. He looks like the next Buster Posey with the bat and the glove. And he’s the perfect inspiration for kids hoping to make it in the big leagues.

traction all day at Williamsport ahead of Sunday night’s showdown between the O’s and the Red Sox, and competed with the kids in every form and manner. He completed the Williamsport circuit and made his way to the legendary mound of Lamade Field.

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Like every youngster who has caught a glimpse of that steep, steep peak,rutschman simply had to slide down. It was immaculate.

That wasn’t all thatrutschman did. The AL Rookie of the Year contender decided to snap a photo of baseball’s next generation of ballers while at Williamsport.

You better believe this picture will be worth some money in a few years.

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rutschman even asked some of his little league contemporaries for autographs on Sunday. Because of course he did. what a guy

rutschman’s teammates also got involved in the action. Here’s Jorge Mateo, Cedric Mullins and a few other players from O’s chatting to a few Little League players throughout the day.

Richie Martin might have sent it a little too far down the hill.

Red Sox players Kike Hernandez and Reese McGuire also mingled with some Team Canada players.

You have to be wondering if the kids were talking a little trash, perhaps mentioning Boston’s 28-5 mauling by the Blue Jays in July.

Nonetheless, Williamsport has played host to a number of players – young and old – who have shown admiration for the game they love.

It doesn’t get much better.

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