Overwatch 2: How To Setup SMS | Security Notifications Guide

Stay in control of your account.

Want constant updates on your new favorite F2P hero shooter? You can set up SMS on your phone. You will receive notifications for updates, special events and much more. To get access to SMS, you need to set up yours properly Battle.net Account. SMS aren’t just for notification – they can also be used to protect your account.

Something new surveillance 2 Account on Battle.net requires a phone number – Merge old over watch Accounts may require you to enter your phone number and country of origin for SMS notifications. SMS notifications are text messages and may incur additional charges on your data plan. Not very likely as text messaging requires very little data.

  • Sign up for SMS notifications to receive texts for the following events:
    • Approve password reset requests
    • Recover lost account name
    • Remove a lost authenticator
    • And unlock yours Battle.net Account
    • If your account is locked due to login attempts
    • If your password has been changed
    • If security settings have been changed in your account

It’s important to note that Prepaid phones and tariffs are not suitable for SMS or use with Battle.net. If you’ve decided you want notifications, follow the instructions below.

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How to sign up for SMS notifications

Sign in SMS notification on their Battle.net Accountyou should start with these two links.

  • Sign in to your Battle.net account. If you don’t already have a Battle.net account, you can register for one here.
    • You can also sign in with your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

A phone number is required to play surveillance 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If a number is removed from your account, you will no longer be able to play that title.

If for any reason you stop receiving SMS notifications You may want to download the Battle.net Account Authenticator app – you can download the app for free here.

That authentication app is an extra security step that allows you to confirm that you are the only person logging into your Battle.net account. Whenever you log into your account, an authentication request is sent to your device. If the codes match, select “Authorize” Log in. You can also enter the numerical code manually via the app.

You can also set those authentication app then ask for a permit with each login attempt. If you are worried about hackers or users trying to steal your account, this app makes it impossible to steal your account remotely.

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