paul: ‘A bolt from the blue’, Australian rugby coach Paul Green’s brother on legend’s demise

Australian professional rugby league football coach Paul Gregory Green has recently passed away. He was best known for leading the North Queensland Cowboys to the NRL Premiership in 2015. Paul was only 49, and his death left a huge void in his immediate family as they tried to come to terms with his decision to end his own life.

He died at his Brisbane home, leaving behind a grieving family, a grieving sports community and a shocked bunch of friends and teammates. His brother Rick informed a tabloid that the family is coordinating a funeral at the Kougari Oval that anyone can attend.

The home stadium of the Wynnum-Manly Seagulls was chosen as the farewell site as Paul lived near where he played and coached the Seagulls to become champions.

Paul’s brother Rick said they were very sad that he died this way. Although he remembers the happy moments with Paul, the thought of his death comes like a bolt from the blue, shocking and sad.

Speaking to the news channels about Paul’s death, the family said they miss him dearly as he is a doting husband, a loving father and a great brother and son. It was difficult to find the words to justify such a wonderful person, but the family would like to thank everyone who stood by them and extended their support during this difficult time.

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The family requested privacy as they were aware that Paul was a person well known in the sports arena and loved by all. Family members tried to cope with this loss, demanding that they needed time to heal the pain.

Paul’s death has left rugby league members greatly stunned as they struggle to cope with the absence of the two-time Rothman Medal winner, Cowboys Championship coach and former 2021 Queensland State of Origin mentor.

People are discussing the state of mental health issues and the pressure this sport creates on players, coaches and organizers.

Nicho Hynes, who plays for the Sharks, spoke about how the team remembers Paul Green and said his heart goes out to his family.

He then said that RU OK is held every year, but much more needs to be done to improve the game’s mental health. Former Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston, who was scheduled to commentate on a game, changed his mind and returned home upon hearing the news of Paul’s death.

Paul was also remembered by Jason Taumalo, the current Cowboys captain, who said he was shocked at the news of his game with the Roosters. There is no doubt that the rugby brotherhood will miss Paul Green immensely.

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