Phase 5’s Savior Is Finally Here as MCU Fans Go Too Far with the Lowest Snyderverse Blow

Batman vs Superman

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Midst Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania With the start of Phase 5 and rumors of significant delays dampening anticipation for what’s to come, the MCU couldn’t have asked for more good news. Luckily, the very thing that reverses all the negative press has now arrived in the form of a Wonder Studio production we’ve been waiting forever to finally become a reality. Meanwhile, the MCU/DCU comparisons go too far this time by including Batman’s mother.

damn yes Daredevil: Reborn has officially started filming!

Daredevil in She-Hulk
Image via Disney Plus

Just as the MCU hit rock bottom, a hero rose to single-handedly rekindle the Marvel fandom’s confidence in the franchise’s future. Yes, Daredevil: Reborn Filming officially began the week beginning March 6th, ending the drought caused when Netflix canceled the original DD carried out more than four and a half years ago. So a lot depends on it, which is probably why fans are already overwhelmed with concern that it won’t live up to the hype. But, hey, let’s stay positive and believe that Matt Murdock will be the guardian devil that Phase Five so desperately needs.

Marvel fans are flocking to Jonathan Majors’ Kang/Creed III theory and declare it MCU canon

Ant-man and the wasp Quantenania Kang
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Jonathan Majors really started something when he floated the idea that his is Creed III The character Damian, the recent adversary of Donnie, fellow MCU veteran Michael B. Jordan, may be a secret Kang variant. People were so excited about the idea that the theory was put up for a vote, with fans overwhelmingly declaring that this is definitely canon. So, through a combination of folk edict and the incantation of the conqueror himself, the Rocky/Creed Franchise is officially part of the MCU multiverse. It is now up to you to fulfill that promise Avengers: The Kang DynastyKevin Feige.

Comparing the low points of Phase Four with Batman vs Superman is the cruellest criticism yet

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Image from Warner Bros.

Marvel fans have weighed in on Phase 4 in some pretty harsh ways so far, but one particularly inconsiderate Reddit thread went way too far to compare the (subjectively) worse moments of the MCU’s most divisive phase to Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, especially the infamous “Martha” moment. Considering this scene is one of the most infamous in all of comic book movie history, that’s a real blow no matter how sore people are from people like eternal And Thor: Love and Thunder. In Batfleck’s words, why did you say that name?

While the jury’s still out on whether Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will really debut before then dead pool 3Rest assured boy that more of the latest Marvel news is coming your way soon.


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