Prince Harry latest news: First witness to give evidence in hacking case against Mirror publisher

Piers Morgan says he refuses to give Prince Harry ‘privacy lectures’

The fourth day of Prince Harry’s hearing against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) continues today in the High Court in London.

A trial of “representative” claims including the Duke of Sussex, former Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson, comedian Paul Whitehouse’s ex-wife Fiona Wightman and actor Michael Turner will be heard with evidence from the former Sunday Mirror journalist Dan Evans continued.

The allegations include phone hacking, obtaining information through deception – also known as “blamging” – and hiring private investigators for illegal activities.

On Friday, Harry’s attorney, David Sherborne, said in his complaint that of the 147 articles, 33 would be examined at trial.

He said: “The Duke of Sussex, one of the most prominent persons covered by the defendant’s titles… [MGN]”The case is throughout the period…there was only one unlawful information gathering opportunity.”

MGN – publisher of titles including The mirror, sunday mirror And sunday people – denies the cases and has stated that “there is no evidence or insufficient evidence of voicemail interception in any of these four allegations”.


The court said that the illegal collection of information was approved at the highest level of the publisher

The Supreme Court said the illegal gathering of information had been authorized “at the highest level” by the publisher of The Mirror.

On Thursday’s second day of trial, attorney David Sherborne said one of the “most disturbing features” of their cases was the allegation that those responsible for management and finance at the company “knew very well what was going on.”

He told the London court: “Even people who would be expected to look to honesty were so deeply implicated in this wrongdoing themselves.

“It’s no wonder it was so widespread … it’s no wonder it was so successfully covered up by the PLC.”

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Former Sunday Mirror journalist Dan Evans will testify today

Former Sunday Mirror journalist Dan Evans will testify in court today.

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‘I wasn’t called to testify’: What Piers Morgan has said about phone hacking allegations

The Duke of Sussex and other celebrities including Coronation Street Actors Nikki Sanderson and Michael Le Vell have accused Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) of unlawful intelligence gathering, including phone hacking and the use of private investigators.

On the second day of the seven-week trial, which began on Wednesday, the Duke’s lawyer, David Sherborne, told the court that Mr Morgan was “at the heart” of the allegations, stressing it was “inconceivable” that he and several others would deny MGN -Editors were not aware of the alleged misconduct.

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“Simply no evidence” for many of Mirror’s phone hacking allegations, Prince Harry’s trial said

In case you missed Friday’s:

Many of the Mirror newspapers’ claims about phone hacking “simply have no evidence,” the Supreme Court has heard.

A lawyer for Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) went on to argue that a “very significant portion” of the articles involved in the case had “a staggering degree of triviality”.

Claims by four people including Prince Harry against MGN titles The mirror, sunday mirror And Sunday PeopleThey entered their third day of trials on Friday.

Allegations include phone hacking, securing information through deception — also known as “blagging” — and hiring private investigators for unlawful activity.

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…to our liveblog where we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments as the phone hacking trial continues in the Supreme Court today.

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