Prince Harry says he ‘always felt different’ to his family in latest interview

Prince Harry has said that he “always felt different” from the rest of his family, and that Princess Diana felt the same.

The Duke of Sussex opened up about grief and trauma in an online conversation, in which he opened up about his fear of losing the memories of his mother and his journey with therapy – including marijuana.

In conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté, an author on trauma and addiction, told Harry that he “lifted a huge weight off my shoulders” after the release of his controversial memoir, Spare, and insisted he was not a “victim” or seeking sympathy.

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He said his own reaction to the book’s publication was to feel “incredibly free” and described it as an “act of service” to help others break the taboo surrounding mental health issues.

The interview revolved around the topic of ‘living with loss’ and left the Duke of Sussex reflecting on his own journey through mental health therapies and treatments.

The explosive memoirs of Prince Harry(Image: Getty Images)

It didn’t touch on recent royal revelations such as the recent request for Harry and his wife Meghan to vacate their British base, Frogmore Cottage, which is in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The coronation of King Charles was also not discussed.


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