Principal: Decatur High students drank, destroyed property and made ‘sexual comments’ at football game – Decaturish

Decatur, GA — Decatur High School is taking action against the student department at home sporting events over the students’ behavior at a soccer game last week.

In an email to parents, DHS Director Rochelle Lofstrand said: “There was spitting on the gang of opponents, feathers pulled from their hats, sexual remarks made about their majorettes, alcohol possession and use, fighting and property destruction. These behaviors are NOT who we are as members of the DHS PACK.”

The school will limit the capacity of the student department at sporting events at home, Lofstrand wrote. Students are only allowed to sit in the stands and not stand on them.

There will be stricter surveillance by match staff and bags will not be allowed into the stadium.

“There will be a ZERO tolerance policy for mockery, lewd comments, disrespectful language or gestures towards the opposing team and/or referees, or unsportsmanlike conduct,” Lofstrand said. “The CSD code of conduct and restorative practices continue to apply to all students attending school events. This means no alcohol or drug use and/or possession, no fighting and no weapons will be tolerated.”

She added that the Decatur school and municipal schools have a lot to be proud of.

“Since 2010 I’ve been proud to be part of DHS and CSD,” said Lofstrand. “Because DHS is the only high school in town, we have a unique opportunity to make a statement of pride for our entire neighborhood. We have outstanding athletes, talented band and color guard members, exceptional academic and performance programs, and the list goes on. Here at Decatur High School we have MUCH to be proud of! We show pride by attending sporting events, attending our theater and music performances, being a part of PTSA or SLT and much more.”

But the behavior exhibited at the home football game against Flowery Branch High School was inexcusable, she said.

Students who violate the Code of Conduct at future games could face consequences, including immediate ban from the game and possible ban from all sporting events for the remainder of the school year.

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