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St Cornelia Connelly College, Uyo, recently hosted a two day netball training course for physical education teachers. The event was supported by the CSED initiative in partnership with the Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB).

SSEB Sports Director Pastor Emmanuel Ebong, who is chairing the board Dr. Ekaete Ebong Okon, declared the netball training event open. dr Ekaete Ebong Okon expressed her joy at the return of netball, which she played when she was in secondary school.

46 physical education teachers (including two secondary school students) drawn from all
Local governments across the state participated in this introduction to netball training
conducted by three Netball Africa certified trainers; dr Grace Ataha, Edema Fuludu and Onome Edema.

The head of the Department of Physical and Health Education at Uyo University, Professor Ukeme Eyo, also attended the opening ceremony of this training event.

Professor Ukeme Eyo thanked the CSED initiative for selecting Akwa Ibom State as one of the first three states in Nigeria to implement netball teacher training. The three coaches from Netball Africa took turns teaching the participants theory and practical skills of netball.

The first day was essentially the theoretical aspect of the game. Participants were guided to the marked netball field with grass where they were explained the dimensions of the netball field and shown some of the basic netball gear/equipment (finger whistles, netballs, training bibs and netball rims/posts). . This was followed by netball warm-up exercises, ball throwing and catching exercises.

On Day 2, most of the training took place on the marked grass netball pitch. After the participants were divided into four teams, basic netball drills were introduced. This field practice allowed participants to put into practice what they had learned about the seven positions
Netball and player responsibilities based on their position.

This was followed by netball training. Netball Africa coaches also spoke to participants about their responsibility to protect in ensuring that students participating in sporting activities do so in a safe and abuse-free environment.

dr Grace Ataha also gave a short presentation on the negative effects of substance abuse on society and the sports ecosystem.
In his closing remarks, the SSEB sporting director promised to introduce netball to Akwa
Ibom youth games and in-house sports competitions in the future. He urged trainees to retrain others and ensure football thrives in the country. Representing the participants, Charity Etukudo thanked the CSED initiative for their kind gesture of free training and equipment for physical education teachers. She promised to use the knowledge gained at this training event for the benefit of her students.

At the end of the training session, participants were presented with certificates of attendance and 31 netball starter packs (netball rims/nets, netball balls, finger whistles and netball training bibs in two different colors). However, given the high participation of physical education teachers, the CSED initiative will arrange for the distribution of 12 additional netball starter packs
Within the next two weeks.

Akwa Ibom’s netball training event increases the number of physical education teachers and community youth participating in the two-day PROJECT
2027”, netball training program in Nigeria. “PROJECT 2027” aims to advance SDG 5 (Gender Equality) by introducing one million Nigerian schoolgirls to the game of netball by the end of December 2027. Netball is currently the only sport specifically designed for girls and women.

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