Roblox Potion Simulator free codes and how to redeem them (September 2022)

in the Roblox‘s Potion Simulator you brew potions and sell them for coins. Use your earnings to unlock new worlds and pets, and see if you can reach the top of the leaderboards. With dozens of recipes to discover and endless customization options, this offers Potion Simulator is the perfect game for any aspiring alchemist. In this guide, we will give you some working Potion Simulator free codes and show you how to redeem them.

How to Get Free Potion Simulator Redeem Codes

One of the best ways to get potion simulator codes in Roblox is to follow the game developer on Twitter. They often post codes there that can be used for special items or boosts in the game. Another good place to check is the officer Potion Simulator Discord Server. Here you will find a dedicated community of players always willing to share codes. You can also try to search for Potion Simulator Codes on youtube. Occasionally YouTubers upload videos with codes for their viewers to use.

Last but not least, you can check out the Roblox Game Stats website. This website keeps track of the latest codes for popular Roblox games, so it’s a great resource to bookmark and check back often. By using these four sources, you will stay up to date with the latest potion simulator codes in Roblox.

Potion Simulator free redeem codes and rewards

Many codes are currently available. Remember that these codes can only be used once per account, so choose wisely! If you’re looking for a way to get additional rewards, these codes are worth considering. Additionally, we will update this section as more codes become available.

Redeem Codes Reward
Update13 1000 gifts
snowman 5,000 gifts
Christmas 1000 gifts
Second Event 500 gifts
sorry for the delay 15,000 gifts
Update11 10,000 coins
winter 5,000 coins
Update10 10,000 coins
Happy Thanksgiving 50,000 coins
Update9 20,000 coins
Desert 10,000 coins
50KVisits Rare pet
Update7 15,000 coins
cyber 5,000 coins
Update6 10,000 coins
lava 5,000 coins
Last chance 20,000 candies
FreePet TV pet
Update3 5,000 coins
spooky 1k candy
Halloween 3k candy
first event 500 candies
Update2 1k coins
MoreCoins 2 coins 15 minutes
Double Brews 2 broth 15 minutes
Automatic deletion 500 coins
Sub2Blueio Blueio pet
happiness 2x happiness for 15 minutes
Update1 5,000 coins
publication 1k coins
potion 500 coins
FreeCoins 300 coins

How to redeem the codes in Potion Simulator

Follow these steps to redeem game codes in Potion Simulator.

Free codes to redeem potions simulators
Image via Roblox
  • press the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen.
  • Enter the codes exactly as shown in the above Enter the code section of the box.
  • Beat those Enter button and redeem your in-game rewards instantly.

That’s the end of our guide to Potion Simulator Codes. We hope you found it helpful! Remember to check regularly for new free codes and updates!

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