Soul Hackers 2 Guide – How to Make Money Fast

Like many other JRPGs, Soul Hackers 2 lets you improve the main characters’ stats, buy new items, recruit demons, and use the game’s currency. Therefore, knowing how to make money fast from the start is crucial for the success of many missions. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the resources needed to level up your team and you’d end up stuck on a particularly challenging quest and unable to continue. In this guide you will find five valuable tips that will help you to make money quickly in Soul Hackers 2.

Explore dungeons

Exploring dungeons is a great way to make money in Soul Hackers 2. Along the way you will find many monsters ready to fight. Each win equals one well-earned yen. Figue will support the party with her drone, Mimi, which displays the status of nearby enemies in three colors. If the green color is displayed, the area is safe. When an enemy is nearby, it turns yellow, and when the enemy is following you, the indicator turns red. This way you’ll always know if there are new demons to fight in your area and can make the most of this valuable feature. You can also sometimes find purple risky enemies roaming dungeons. They are stronger than the normal ones and not easy to defeat. However, if you manage to do this, you will get greater rewards.

Demon Reconnaissance

Every time you enter a dungeon, your demons will scout the area. As you progress through each level, explore the whole location in detail as you may find your allies in random areas of the map, including closed rooms and hidden corners. If you talk to them, they might give you valuable items, introduce you to new demons to contract with, or even give you some money.

Fight rare enemies

Sometimes you will encounter rare enemies, unique enemies roaming dungeons. They are an excellent way to quickly farm money in Soul Hackers 2 because if you manage to beat them you can get items worth a lot of money. You will recognize them immediately as they are completely yellow. You must approach them carefully, however, as they will start fleeing when they see you.

Complete Requests

As you progress through the story, you will eventually unlock Club Cretaceous, owned by Madam Ginko. Here you can accept new side quests called Requests. Most of them require you to find specific demons, enemies, or even missing items. Before starting a specific mission, you will be briefed by Madam Ginko, and you can also see the reward you will receive, allowing you to choose which ones to tackle based on your needs.

Sell ​​items you don’t need

Every time you complete a dungeon, you’ll likely have a handful of items in your inventory. You can sell the ones you don’t need and make some yen. You’ll unlock different locations to sell your goodies as you progress through the game. So don’t expect to find them right at the start. In Shinsando, you can visit Zafiro, an accessory shop run by Mannequin. If you go to the Mansei Empire, you will find the COMP Smith. And in Karakucho, you can sell your items at De La Mancha. It is indeed one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money in Soul Hackers 2, since visiting dungeons gives you a lot of different and valuable items.

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