Soul Hackers 2: How to Earn MP

in the Soul Hacker 2, MP AKA Magic Points are how players drain the power of their demons and fully utilize their abilities. Earning MP is crucial to advancing in the game, as winning battles often relies on a mix of offensive and defensive abilities usable only with MP.

On the tracks of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackerthe visually stunning sequel Soul Hacker 2, encompasses what gamers have come to expect from a turn-based JRPG. The story follows Ringo and Figue, two portrayals of a powerful artificial intelligence known as Aion, and their journey to prevent the end of the world. You must team up with party members Arrow, Milady, and Saizo to become demon summoners and make contracts with demons to help them.


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Each party member has a basic attack and their equipped Demon Abilities in battle. Demons learn new skills as they level up, and each skill requires a certain amount of MP to use, as opposed to the basic attack. The size of the MP gauge depends on the character level. The higher the level, the more MP are available. Those who play the game in easy mode always have an opportunity to restore MP when all party members are defeated. A pop-up menu will appear, giving players the option to continue. If they choose to do so, all party members will be revived with full HP and MP. Nonetheless, there are slightly more difficult ways to obtain MP.

Demon reconnaissance and battles

When players enter a new dungeon, they immediately send out their demons to search the area. These quests yield beneficial results as players can regain MP while scouting through their demons. Demons that heal have a heart icon above their heads, and when players talk to them, all characters’ HP and MP gauges are slightly restored. Get meals like a placebo drink to increase chances of healing from demons.

As they explore the area, players’ contracted demons can also introduce them to new demons and trigger contract negotiations, give them money, or give them various items. Some items can be used to craft COMP upgrades and progress through the story. Consumables revive characters, heal conditions, and restore MP. Here are the MP related articles:

  • Chakra Drops
  • Chakra Powder
  • chakra pot
  • Chakra Syrup
  • Magic Bottle

There are various enemies in the dungeons that will hang around the areas and will attack players if seen. Players can knock them down to ambush them for a possible advantage in battle. When enemies lose a battle, they drop their items and players add them to their inventory. First of all, these methods are the only way players can potentially get MP.

Useful locations

While Soul Hacker 2 has no chapters or levels, there are certain arcs that players must work through to advance further in the game. Each arc usually consists of a dungeon to be explored and several battles between the main characters and their enemies. Upon completing these arcs, a new location will be unlocked and available on the city map.

The safe house

After teaming up with Arrow and Milady, players unlock a Safehouse hidden somewhere in the city. There, players can eat meals, access DLC, and rest. Select “Rest” from the action menu, which will fully restore all HP and MP for each character. The Safehouse is always available to players unless they are in the middle of an inevitable battle.

De La Mancha

De La Mancha is a discount store in Karakucho. Once De La Mancha is unlocked, players can purchase many consumable items from Yume, the shopkeeper. This guarantees MP recovery from items rather than randomly getting them from demons so players can stock up before boss fights or exploration. However, certain items are only available in limited stocks. So be sure to visit them multiple times to get lots of them and check for new stock.

Soul Hacker 2 is now available for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 1, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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