Splatoon 3: How to Play Multiplayer With Friends

On first boot turn 3, you cannot switch to multiplayer immediately. You must first create a character, go through a tutorial, and reach Splatsville, the game’s focal point, before the local and online multiplayer options become available and you can play with friends or someone else.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t take very long. Once you’ve arrived, there are a variety of ways to join a multiplayer match. This turn 3 Guide will tell you how to get to Splastville and how to join a multiplayer match.

How to reach Splatsville

After creating your custom Inkling or Octoling, you’ll be thrown into the tutorial phase of turn 3 This shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes and will help you get familiar with the basics of splatoon if you are a newcomer to the series.

They are then thrown into Splatsville’s main square and taken to start a multiplayer match. You can also talk to the old squid by the sewers to get a head start on the single player content, which you could turn off before even touching multiplayer if you really wanted to.

From here, the game keeps the kid gloves on just a tad longer, but you now have a variety of ways to engage in multiplayer matches.

How to start a multiplayer match

Once you’re in Splatsville, there are a few places you need to become familiar with. First is the building with the crossing arrow logo. This is the lobby where you can search for online multiplayer matches. You are limited to the regular Turf War and Private Battle modes until you reach level 10.

You can also access a quick multiplayer menu in the lobby by pressing L (left bumper). This brings you to the same list of online options as entering the subway. From this menu you can also view your win/loss list, message center and a list of friends who are actively playing turn 3.

To the right of the lobby building you will find another building with two arrows forming an infinity sign. this is that swarm, where you can play local multiplayer with other nearby Switch players. From here you can access private competitive battles and Salmon Run matches for some local splatting mayhem.

Note: Most of the game’s customizations will not be unlocked until you reach level 4. This softer cap is where the game starts to open up, and it’s also the timing salmon run becomes available.

How to join a multiplayer session

These are the steps you need to follow to join a public multiplayer session turn 3.

  • Go to the lobby (either by accessing it from your menu or walking there).
  • Bring up the multiplayer match menu by pressing L.
  • Choose Regular Battle or Anarchy Battle.

To join an online friend’s game, repeat the first two steps, but instead:

  • Select Private Battle (or use the d-pad to turn on With Friends and choose a mode).
  • From here you can join any friend turn 3 Lobby.

To join a local game:

  • Go to the swarm.
  • Open the game menu.
  • Choose Private Battle or Salmon Run.
  • Open spaces will be filled when locally available.

How to create a room/match

To create a room that your friends can join turn 3 You must follow these steps.

  • Go to the lobby.
  • Open the game menu.
  • Choose Private Battle.
  • Press Y to create a room.
  • Set a password (optional).

You are now hosting a session. From here you can set the mode and phase while waiting for players to join. You can also toggle Recon Mode on and off by pressing ZL. You can repeat this process for local multiplayer, just go to the shoal instead of the lobby.

How many players can be in one session?

Like its predecessor turn 3 offers 4v4 action with sessions ending at eight players. A full team of eight is required for a game to begin, and the session will end if someone abandons the session, regardless of mode. The Co-op Salmon Run can be played with 2-4 players.

That’s all you need to know turn 3 multiplayer. For more information on Nintendo’s latest Plattastic release, visit GameSkinny and our hub page for turn 3

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