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When it comes to guns turn 3 spoiled all round. Between eleven weapon types and over thirty total weapons, there really is something for everyone. Powerful miniguns that can hold the ground, long-range snipers that can take out vulnerable targets, and even jumbo-sized paint rollers for close-range combat.

But what about explosives? Does turn 3 have explosive primary weapons? Absolutely, and they come in the form of blasters. These hulking squirters are capable of taking down even the toughest opponents, no matter what cover they have (or not). If you want to make an impression, grab a blaster.

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What are blasters?

Blasters are pretty straightforward in practice, and most blasters work the same way. These things are big, they’re loud, and they fire compressed balls of ink that explode if they collide with anything. Otherwise, they will burst once they reach their maximum range. Each explosion is an AOE, so there’s still a chance you’ll clip enemies even if you miss your shot, making it an excellent tool for knocking enemies over for cover.

How to use Blaster in turn 3

Blasters are very easy to use and only have one attack type (a surprising rarity in turn 3). You draw ZR and shoot. That’s all there is to it. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using blasters. First, they are incredibly slow. There is a noticeable delay between pulling ZR and firing your blaster – this is by design. This makes them difficult to use as they (at first) feel clunky.

Secondly, blasters are more of a melee weapon. This combined with the lag makes Blaster seem inefficient at first. You’ll often find yourself missing mobile targets, putting Blaster at a disadvantage.

So why use them? Simply put, they hit like a truck. Blasters (depending on which one you pick) can OHK enemies, destroy Brella shields, and are exceptionally good if you can get the first shot off. Add in variations, like fast-firing blasters or longer-range blasters, and you’ve got a weapon that can do some serious work in the right hands.

Splatoon 3 Squid fires the Tristrike launcher during a heated turf battle match

List of blasters

There are a total of six blasters included turn 3, and all have unique loadouts and traits. As you level up, they become available for a single Sheldon Ticket, although you can purchase higher tier weapons by trading in three.

blasters sub Special
blasters car bomb Big bubbler
Fast blaster ink refill Triple ink strike
Reach Blaster suction bomb breakwater
Luna Blaster Splat Bomb zipcaster
Clash Blaster Splat Bomb Trizooka
Rapid Blaster Pro Toxic Mist ink sucker

Tips for using blasters

Each blaster can be a little difficult to get used to, so we’ve got a few tips to help you get the most out of them and make the early game experience a little smoother. In general, all blasters like height so they can use their AOE shots to hit enemies from unexpected angles.


Your standard blaster is a great weapon that fills a niche. If your team doesn’t need that niche, the blaster can be a bit of a hindrance. The positive sides of this weapon are massive damage and a large AOE. You can easily OHK anyone with a direct hit, and in most cases you can miss and still splash in two. This makes the blaster brutal against crowded enemies.

The downsides are its incredibly slow rate of fire, making it very difficult to use in tight quarters. This is combined with a fairly short range and terrible inking potential. The lack of ink means you’ll likely struggle to get your special more than a couple of times per game.

Luckily, the special in question is very good, as it’s the always-useful Big Bubbler. This allows you to protect yourself and your team while pushing aggressively. Game changing when used at the right moment.

Fast blaster

The Rapid Blaster is largely the same as the Blaster, except that it has a shorter range and fires faster. The downside is slightly lower damage, making this a 2-hit splat. Despite this slight reduction in power, the Rapid Blaster is happy to play the same role. Use his powerful AOE shots to simultaneously disrupt and damage groups of enemies.

Be warned, the Rapid Blaster, despite its name, still fires very slowly compared to most guns. It also struggles to get coverage, although it’s far better than its standard counterpart.

Rounding out the kit are Ink Mine, which is rather underwhelming, and the very effective Triple Inkstrike, which should be used to guide enemies and attack groups at range.

Run away from a homing torpedo

Reach Blaster

Once again, the Range Blaster takes what the standard Blaster does and makes some minor adjustments. The Range Blaster takes a noticeable hit off the blaster’s already slow rate of fire in exchange for a significant increase in range. The Range Blaster also maintains its damage, allowing you to easily OHK on a hit or 2HK on a miss. Once again, the Range Blaster loves to target groups, and it can be devastating if you surprise enemies.

The Range Blaster also has a phenomenal kit that comes with the very powerful suction bomb and breakwater. Both of these give the Range Blaster even more range and kill potential, while greatly amplifying its innate disruption.

Luna Blaster

The Luna Blaster is very similar to the standard blaster, only it seems to have even less range with no major improvements to compensate. It’s still a very slow weapon, its range is still underwhelming, and it still claps with a single hit.

Unfortunately, his kit is also noticeably worse. Splat Bomb is excellent, but comparable to Autobomb in many ways. Zipcaster is a noticeable downgrade, though, and doesn’t compare well to any of the specials mentioned so far. The Luna Blaster struggles to impress in a sea of ​​better blasters.

Clash Blaster

If the Luna Blaster was a remake of the standard blaster, then the Clash Blaster does the same for the Rapid Blaster. It fires quickly, can splash with two hits, and has a short range. This makes it easier to use (due to speed) but more risky (due to range). That being said, the Clash Blaster has great kit that helps round it out.

Splat Bombs are a great tool in any kit and help give the Clash Blaster some much needed range. A well-placed Splatbomb can eventually splatter an enemy with full HP. His specialty, the Trizooka, is difficult to use due to its awkward reticle, but very powerful once mastered. This adds another ranged tool to the kit, allowing you to snipe enemies from afar or deal large amounts of AOE damage if you miss.

Rapid Blaster Pro

The Rapid Blaster Pro is another fast-firing blaster, but it comes with a few additional benefits. First, it has a long range – longer than any other blaster. It also still claps with two hits, making it very good at snagging enemies or chipping them from a safe distance.

Not only that, the Rapid Blaster Pro has a great toolkit that offers all kinds of utilities. Toxic Mist isn’t great on every weapon, but on the Rapid Blaster Pro it sings and can be used to pin down enemies for a quick hit or disrupt their movement/positioning. Ideal for a weapon that already does this in droves.

Finally, the Ink Vac allows you to deal massive amounts of AOE damage while protecting your team by sucking up enemy ink. This is especially good against fast-firing weapons like Splatlings. Overall, the Rapid Blaster Pro is a great weapon that can go a long way in the right hands.

That’s all we have for Blasters. Keep an eye out for more Splatoon 3 weapon guides. Happy splashing!

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