Sporting newspaper clips on tee, Warring raises law and order issue

Punjab Congress President Amrinder Singh Raja Warring pinned clippings of newspaper articles to his T-shirt on Monday and addressed the deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab, saying that it had never seen a police station in the last 40 years had been captured by demonstrators.

In his speech during Zero Hour, Warring said the state’s daylight killings had concerned the people of the state. “Someone said ‘Laggi nazar Punjab nu edi nazar utaro, lai ke mirchaan kaudiyan ede sir ton waaro’. The situation today is very bad. We have raised law and order issues over the past year and the government has given repeated assurances that law and order will be maintained in the state,” he said.

He said the once powerful Punjab police now look helpless. “It has now been a year since the assassination of Sidhu Moosewala. People housed in prisons in Punjab orchestrate criminal acts outside of prison. Those who commit the crimes in Punjab run away from Punjab and are arrested by the police in Delhi. It seems like the people of Delhi know where crime is being committed in Punjab,” Warring said. He went on to say that even police stations in the state are not safe now. It’s the first time a police station has been taken over in 40 years. And to date, no action has been taken,” Warring said before the announcer told him he had said enough and his mic was turned off. Warring continued to scream, but his words were inaudible.

BSP MLA claims to pick and choose when reviewing the Atta Dal scheme

Nachhatar Pal, BSP MLA, said a pick-and-choose methodology appears to have been used while screening beneficiaries of the Atta Dal scheme, which left out many deserving, economically poor families. “I urge the government through you that the people who really need this program are not left out,” he said.

AAP MLA bullock cart racing club

Amargarh MLA Jaswant Singh Gajjan Majra raised the issue of banning ox cart racing in Punjab. He said this is a cultural tradition in Punjab. “A lot of people like to do that. But even if someone only practices, a complaint will be filed today and the police can be reached quickly there. If horses (races) can be allowed, why not bulls?” he asked.

Khaira raises issue of land encroachment by AAP MP

Congressman Sukhpal Khaira raised the issue of alleged encroachments on land belonging to villages by some influential figures including AAP Rajya Sabha MP Ashok Mittal. Khaira claimed 13 hectares of land worth Rs 100 crore belonged to Lovely Professional University (LPU). “This land belongs to the villages of Chaheru and Nanak Nagri. He claimed that there had been no change in land use before multi-storey buildings appeared on this piece of land,” Khaira said.

As Khaira went on to give details on the subject, the announcer interjected, saying that others also needed to speak at zero hour. Khaira’s microphone was muted at this point, although he continued to shout, preventing Congressional MLA Sandeep Jakhar, who was seated behind Khaira, from speaking when it was his turn.

Urdu meri mehbooba hai: Malerkotla MLA

Malerkotla MLA Mohammad Jamil Ur Rehman raised the issue of discrimination in the Urdu language and the elimination of Urdu teacher and lecturer positions in his constituency. He began his speech with an Urdu pair: “Ek do zakhm nahi jism hai poora chhalni, dard Bechara pareshan hai kahan se uthe,” he said, referring to the plight of the Urdu language. In Punjabi, he said that Punjabi is his mother tongue and that every effort should be made to spread the language. “Urdu meri mehbooba hai ate meri mehbooba val vee dhyan dena chahida hai,” he said, as the house erupted in laughter. Rehman said Government College Malerkotla has five Urdu professors, but now three posts have been reallocated to other subjects. “The Government B.Ed College also had an Urdu faculty post, but that too was turned into another subject. Government Girls College also had a Post or Urdu teacher but this was changed to other subjects as well. Guru Granth Sahib has many words in Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.

Urdu is the language that gave us the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”. But today, no justice is administered with the Urdu language,” he said.

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