Steelrising: How to Counterattack (Parry)

Players attempting to parry in Steelrising without the proper gear may get confused as they require special weapons to do so.

steel crates can be very challenging, so knowing how to parry and counter can be extremely useful when dealing with some of the toughest enemies in the game. The setting of this game is quite unique as it is set during an alternate French Revolution in which players take on the role of Aegis, an automaton tasked with guarding Queen Marie Antoinette. As players progress in this fast and fluid soul-like game and start confronting his strange enemies, they will find that Aegis is not inherently able to parry, as they must find special weapons to enable her to do so.


Parrying and countering in Steelrising are essentially the same thing, as succeeding in the first automatically triggers the latter. However, unlike most other soulmates, Aegis cannot parry on her own, and only certain weapons allow her to perform this move. To find out if a weapon has this ability, players can open their menu and navigate to a weapon to see if it has the Counterattack special move. If this is the case, in this soul-like game, when players use the special move button in battle, players will go into a defensive stance for a brief moment, and when an attack connects, Aegis will automatically counterattack.

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Each weapon with the Counterattack special attack also has its own special counter. While some weapons’ counterattack deals elemental or alchemical damage, others instead interrupt and off-balance enemies. Some weapons with the Counterattack special attack are Nemesis Fang and Claw, Wheel of Vengeance, Charleville Bayonet, and Foil and Dagger.

How to master parry in Steelrising

Learning how to parry can seem daunting at first, but Steelrising’s excellent hitboxes will enable players who master the skill to use them very reliably. The best way to practice parrying in this underrated Souls-like game is to try it out on weaker enemies, since a miss and a hit are less punishing. The parry window on most weapons lasts about half a second and needs to be set to connect the hit with Aegis. A large part of successfully parrying comes not necessarily from reacting to an enemy strike, but rather anticipating it or even trying to bait it. How the players get used to it steel crates and his enemies, they will start learning their moves and which will be easier to parry. In some cases, players can even lure some attacks by moving closer or farther away from an enemy as this can trigger certain moves.

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