Te Maire Martin returns from the ‘wilderness’ to spark the Broncos

Te Maire Martin has returned to Brisbane’s team and immediately improved on both sides of the ball as the Broncos eventually defeated the Newcastle Knights 28-10.

Brisbane have endured a miserable period over the past fortnight in which they have seen their top-four hopes go up in smoke after back-to-back defeats but have managed to end their losing streak at Suncorp.

Te Maire Martin proves to be the Broncos’ lucky charm

Martin’s return at full-back helped lead the Broncos to a win that nearly earns them their first finals appearance in three years.

After missing a few weeks while Tesi Niu was favored at the back, Kevin Walters turned his attention once again to the man who has made Brisbane a tough side to beat this season.

In fact, in the 10 games the Kiwi has controlled procedure in the No. 1 jersey, they’ve only lost twice.

Martin hadn’t played since Round 16 but wasted no time in endearing himself to his teammates and the crowd with his creativity, snatched from the ambush of form and constantly causing trouble for the Knights.

A highlight of the evening was his connection with Ezra Mam as the pair raced 70 yards across the field together for a long-distance attempt.

“Part of us bringing him back was helping Adam [Reynolds] with the organization of the team,” revealed Walters.

“Not only offensively, but also defensively.

“He has some nice skills that he brings to the squad, unlike Tesi, but just as valuable to us.”

Adam Reynolds praises Martin’s calming influence

Reynolds was full of praise for Martin and his ability to both spot and exploit weaknesses in opposing defenses.

The full-back ran almost 100 meters and also put on two try passes on his return to action.

“He’s an extra pair of eyes for me,” said the Broncos captain.

“We talk quite a lot on the field and obviously try to crush teams. We talk about what they do and how we can take them down on the run.

“He also has a calming influence … He’s an integral part of the team.”

Te Maire Martin returns from the “wilderness”.

Martin’s career was over after announcing his departure from the game in 2020.

His early retirement came at the tender age of just 23. Scans showed the former North Queensland and Penrith star had suffered a brain hemorrhage.

However, he eventually returned to the sport and his time in the Brisbane colors this year has been nothing short of remarkable.

“We were good for T and he was good for us,” Walters said.

“I think he surprised everyone with his position.

“For the injury he had a few years ago, he went into the wild for a few years.

“But the opportunity arose for us to bring him here and we jumped at it, to be honest.

“We weren’t sure how it would turn out. But knowing what kind of player he was, we knew that if he could make it, he would be a great asset to us.”

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