the bond between the Super Bowl and the Olympic Games

“I know football, a kind of America sport. She has competed and beaten everyone in the world. That is different.

“Winning the gold is something to be proud of and to know the challenges and all that stuff is still amazing. To be the best in the world, that’s something a lot of people can’t say. I can say that about my little sister.”

Those were the words of Robert Quinn after his sister won an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020.

Robert is the brother of none other than Jasmine Camacho Quinnthe reigning Olympic champion in the 100 m hurdles.

Now, two years after her historic success in Japan, she has the chance to sit back and enjoy another family triumph and watch her American football brother take on the best athletes in the world.

Robert Quinn is playing defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles and is preparing to fight for the ultimate prize in his sport – the Super Bowl. The Eagles meet the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

If Robert manages to overcome the physical issues he is struggling with and makes the final list, the Quinn family will experience something most unusual as two siblings compete in two of the world’s highest profile sporting events. the Olympics and the NFL finals.

Jasmine has already achieved her ultimate goal, while Robert is just one match away from his.

Since learning her brother’s team made it to the Super Bowl, Jasmine has proven to be a proud fan of Robert, just as he was when she was competing in Tokyo.

“My parents watched me at the Olympics and now [will watch] my brother in the Super Bowl in a few weeks!” Jasmine continued on about her younger sibling Twitter.

It was just the first of several posts supporting her brother. And why not? Robert’s achievement is more worthy of celebration than most, as none of the siblings’ journeys to the top have been easy.

The hurdles Jasmine Camacho-Quinn and Robert Quinn had to overcome in life

Despite celebrating a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium and winning the first-ever medal (bronze 2022) by a Puerto Rican woman at a World Championship, life has not been easy for Jasmine Camacho-Quinn.

At Rio 2016, she experienced her sporting low point when she rolled over two hurdles in the semifinals. After falling to the ground, she was eliminated from the competition, leaving her Olympic dreams in tatters.

But five years later, the Puerto Rican hurdler was unbeatable in Tokyo, storming to Olympic victory in the 2021 capital of Japan. But even after her win, she continues to reflect on the mental health issues that can affect athletes as they cope with the pressures of elite competition.

“That’s a priority because if you don’t take care of that first, everything else deteriorates,” she told before last Athletics World Championships in Oregon. “As athletes, we need to have more time to take care of ourselves and put ourselves above everything else.”

Her brother Robert took on even more challenges on his way to the Super Bowl and has become an expert at making the most of second chances.

At 17, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that led to severe headaches and even collapse. At one point he was told he had a week to live and would never play sports again.

The budding athlete underwent surgery that reduced the fluid in his brain, but the tumor remains to this day. “I’ve lived with it for so long,” the footballer, who has twice-a-year medical exams, told CBS Sports. “I don’t think twice about it until they tell me I need to get checked out. It’s part of me.”

None of those setbacks ended the dreams of Robert Quinn, who now has 12 NFL seasons under his belt. And now he’s on the verge of emulating his sister, having overcome the toughest hurdles in his quest for stardom.

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