‘The hardest decision of his life’: Munster receives improved Melbourne offer

Cameron Munster’s agent Braith Anasta has revealed the duo had a meeting with Melbourne Storm Powerbrokers where a new and improved offer was made to the five-eighths.

“We had a really positive and productive meeting… and that bodes well,” Anasta continued to tell the panel NRL 360.

Munster’s future has become a major talking point during the season as the 27-year-old becomes embroiled in a tug-of-war between Storm and Wayne Bennett’s Dolphins.

Munster took the unusual step of announcing a month ago that he would fulfill his current contract, which kept him in Melbourne until the end of the 2023 season.

However, he declined to elaborate on whether or not his long-term future ultimately lay in Queensland with the NRL’s latest franchise.

The Storm made Munster a contract offer earlier in the season which Anasta has now revealed his client was close to agreeing to at the time.

“I think he was close to signing the deal earlier this year before he came on board with me,” Anasta said.

“But he supported himself and it ultimately paid off.

“Cameron had a tough off-season and Melbourne did the right thing for him. But he also supported himself.

“He made a lot of sacrifices, which he still does. He’s never been fitter, both physically and mentally, and that carries over to the field,” he said.

Munster has been in incredible form lately, with his move to full-back triggering Melbourne during a rebound in form.

He is out of contract at the end of next year and will become a free agent on November 1, where he can sign with another team.

This has seen Melbourne desperate to negotiate a deal with the star before it goes on the open market.

But just last week, Anasta said his client looked like he was testing his worth and that a number of clubs were interested in hiring his services.

“Matt Tripp (Melbourne owner) is doing everything in his power to keep Cameron at the club,” Anasta said last week.

“But as things stand now, the most likely at this point is that we’ll be going to market in November. But things could change by then.”

From today’s developments, that appears to have been the case when Melbourne presented an improved offer which is located in the ‘ballpark’.

“Melbourne definitely made an impressive offer and it will come down to Cameron,” Anasta said.

“He has a really difficult decision to make and there is still work to be done in all of this. But today was very productive.

“They’re doing everything they can to keep him there and Cameron loves the place.

“It will be the hardest decision of his life.”

The new development comes from Anasta’s back and shows how Melbourne have been in a difficult position with their salary cap.

The recent signings of Harry Grant, Ryan Papenhuyzen and Jahrome Hughes have left them little leeway.

“I think ideally, Cameron and I would want them to move around the salary cap more than where they are right now,” Anasta said last week.

“When they signed Papenhuyzen, Hughes, Grant and [Xavier] Coates, who unfortunately limited their ability to move around the cap because they prioritized these players.

“Here we are at the moment.”

Although it seems that Melbourne has not given up on getting her man.

So much so that co-host Paul Kent claimed they had adjusted their plans for contract offers they intended to make to current players at the club to try and retain Munster’s services.

“I flew to Melbourne, had an hour-long meeting and literally got back in the car and came here,” Anasta said Tuesday night after receiving the improved offer.

“We haven’t even really talked about it in depth, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for Melbourne. It put her well and really back into the frame.”

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