The MCU’s First Wolverine Tease Set Up How To Beat She-Hulk

She-Hulk’s Wolverine teasing might also foreshadow Jen’s defeat. Could Intelligencia use adamantium against She-Hulk in their nascent plan?

She-Hulk: Lawyer‘s Wolverine teasing now has frightening implications for Jennifer Walters as she prepares for her possible defeat. She HulkThe reference to the bar-fighting man with claws is the MCU’s first direct nod to the much-anticipated MCU launch of Wolverine. Logan first appears in Marvel Comics in The incredible Hulk #180, so he already has a history with The Hulk. However there She Hulk‘s sixth episode implies that this teasing may foreshadow a path to She-Hulk’s undoing.


She-Hulk: Lawyer follows Jennifer Walters as a successful lawyer whose life is complicated when she becomes infected with her cousin Bruce Banner’s blood. Though Jen controls her new Hulk powers more easily than Bruce does, her new identity comes with several external stresses and challenges. Beyond Titania, She-Hulk’s cheeky influencer nemesis played by Jameela Jamil, She Hulk did not introduce a challenging antagonist. But that could quickly change with the introduction of Intelligencia, a cryptic community seemingly plotting She-Hulk’s downfall. If the last scene of She Hulk Episode 6 looks like Intelligencia found a way to apprehend She-Hulk and possibly steal her blood.

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Wolverine teases in She Hulk could directly tie into Intelligencia’s desire to steal She-Hulk’s blood by piercing her skin with a specially made needle. Jen was previously stabbed She Hulk, to no effect when the Wrecking Crew attempted the same. This failure implies that her potential challengers need a stronger material to effectively steal She-Hulk’s blood to pierce her skin. There are two apparent substances capable of this: vibranium, the bulletproof Wakandan metal used to make Captain America’s shield, and adamantium, the metal infused with Logan’s skeleton to create Wolverine’s claws and other indestructible features . If Intelligencia were able to create an adamantium needle, they could use it to pierce She-Hulk’s skin as well. Because of this, She Hulk‘s Wolverine reference isn’t just a hoax, it’s a possible dark setup.

How Intelligencia Steals She-Hulk’s Blood (And Why)

She Hulk‘s setup hints at the idea that Intelligencia will use a needle to pierce Jen’s Hulk skin. It seems unlikely that Intelligencia just wants to kill She-Hulk as there isn’t much clear purpose or motive for doing so. They’re much more likely to try to steal her blood. They won’t be able to fight Jen into submission, though perhaps they could with a stronger Hulk at their side. Intelligencia will likely use someone to approach Jen and trick her into trusting them, capturing her if she is unprepared. Josh seems like She-Hulk’s obvious villain who could do this, given his too good to be true introduction at the wedding is probably just that: too good to be true. Presumably Josh has more importance in She Hulk and deeper motives as he approaches Jen.

Josh may expose Jen’s more vulnerable side and it would make sense to use it to capture She-Hulk, but he and Intelligencia still need a motive for this dangerous endeavor. Given the laboratory setup in She Hulk Episode 6 and the implications that Intelligencia may be after She-Hulk’s blood, it could be that Intelligencia plans to use her blood to create Red Hulk. Thaddeus Ross’ future in the MCU is currently in the air due to the tragic death of William Hurt. Even if Ross doesn’t return as the Red Hulk, Intelligencia could still use She-Hulk’s blood to create a stronger Hulk. Whether Intelligencia has something specifically against Jen or just has evil plans for general destruction remains to be seen. Whatever happens, the knowledge that Adamantium exists, coupled with the emergence of Intelligencia, puts Jennifer Walters in clear danger She-Hulk: Lawyer‘s first season is nearing its end.

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