The Sporting Life: MTAC Blackjack Edition

The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) – Tennessee’s largest anime convention – returns this April for an extravagant weekend. It will take place from Friday, April 7th to Sunday, April 9th, 2023 at the well-known locations Sheraton Music City & Embassy Suites Nashville.

MTAC is a Nashville-based annual community celebration of Japanese animation and culture, including costumes, music, games and more, and operates entirely on a volunteer basis. The event features a spectacular mix of celebrity guests, artists, industry professionals, special events, professional speakers, fan panels, workshops, Q&A sessions, vendors, competitions and more.

This year’s MTAC is titled MTAC Blackjack. The name characterizes this year’s convention about casino games from anime and gaming. The theme comes from the number 21, which is the key to the game of blackjack and is also the 21st MTAC. Notable guests at this year’s event include one of the world’s leading African American speakers, Beau Billingslea, along with Marin Miller, Kyle McCarley, @ItsKingChris and Alejandro Saab.

Beau Billingslea recently filmed an episode of the 2019 remake crazy about youand Oprah Winfrey’s new show cherish the day (on OWN). In it he plays Captain Abbott of the USS Bradbury Star Trek Into Darkness and Vice Admiral Stamm in Star Trek goes on. He now has commercials in front of the camera that air for Verzenio, Geico and Genesis; and he appears in the award-winning PSA, The Other Note, which draws attention to the alarming suicide rate among our veterans. He can also be seen The laughing man briefly on Showbox Online. Beau’s science fiction feature films include the blob, My favorite martian, Leprechaun in the hoodAnd Halloween H2O. For a full list of his 40+ year television and film career, visit IMDB. Beau is a proud US Army veteran.

In the world of anime, Beau has voiced countless characters, including Jet Black cowboy bebop; The fourth Raikage in Naruto; beret on Final Fantasy Advent Children; Cain in The last hope; Bertuccio a Count of Monte Cristo; Ogremon, Saggitarimon and Parrotman in Digimon; Michael in Argento Soma; Lock up Walrus Wolf’s rain; Go in Rurouuni Kenshin; Dee Jay in Super Street Fighter 2; Ben Jackson in Tiger & Rabbit; Edward Liones a bleaching; Slight nostrade in Hunter X Hunter; Lingerin & Dogen in DuRaRaRa x 2 and many others.

He addresses the alien goat creature Laws of the Universe Parts 0 and 1and Abraham Douglas in animation War of the Worlds: Goliath (Winner for Best Animated Feature at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival). He has narrated several series on The History Channel including suicide missions, hero ships And Modern wonders. His video games include Safari, Outlaws, Dynasty Warriors (Cao Ren & Dion Wei), Zico, Breakdown, Ace Combat 5, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Barrett) and Mafia III.

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