Tower of Fantasy: How to get gifts

How to get gifts in popular RPG title, Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy you will meet many characters on your travels. Some of these characters will want to join you on your quests, these are known as simulacras. These characters can be very useful to you, but first you need to befriend them.

To do this, you must make a gift to a simulacra. Gifting allows you to collect “Awakening Points”. Each simulacra has its own awakening progression stat, and increasing this stat grants you character-specific rewards.

Thanks to this function, the acquisition of gifts is extremely important. But the real question is – how do you get gifts in Tower of Fantasy?

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How to get gifts in Tower of Fantasy?

Gift screen in Tower of Fantasy

Although you can occasionally get a gift through a quest, the main way to get gifts in Tower of Fantasy is by simply buying them.

Gifts can be purchased in the Points Shop in the Commissariat by redeeming Training Points. Training Points are earned by completing missions in the Training Facilities, so make sure you complete some of these first.

Gifts vary depending on how much you spend. A small gift is 60 training points, a fine gift is 120 points and a special gift is 240 points.

You can also get gifts from two other different stores:

  • Crystal Dust Store – Fine Gift (60 Crystal Dust), Special Gift (60 Crystal Dust)
  • Banges Item Vendor – 500 gold per gift

How to give the gifts of his simulcra in Tower of Fantasy

Simulcra's gifts in Tower of Fantasy

So now you know how to get gifts, but they’re not much use if they’re just lying around in your inventory! You also need to know how to use your gifts in TOF.

You can view your gifts in the Gifts tab at the bottom of your backpack page, but to send them you’ll need to try something different. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Awakening tab of your Simulacra page
  2. Select the simulacra you want to give the gift to
  3. Click on the profile gift tab on the right side of the screen
  4. Check out what goes with the simulacra’s favorite gift
  5. Select a gift that suits you, then click Send at the bottom of the screen.

As simple as that! Have fun building your relationship with your simulcras.

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